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Dreamworks Vacation Club / Did not deliver the product they promised

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In my opinion this company is running a scam! Apparently they have multiple addresses and no working phone number. I was supposed to receive 2 airline tickets and a week car rental for listening to a 90 minute presentatio nthat lasted about 2 1/2 hours. I sent then everything required EXCEPT I didn't send the informatino CERTIFIED MAIL. This was deemed, "Breach of Contract" and they will not issue the tickets to me. They had the audacity to return my postmarked envelope proving that they received all of my informatin wel lwithin the 21 day limit. They are comnnected to VIP Travel in Florida who obviously have similar morals. VIP travel is the company that issues the "free tickets". I consider this a first class scam!!

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  • Ke
      5th of Sep, 2008
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    Evreryone please read: the only legitimate posts here are the complaints!!! every single comment regarding dreamworks shoddy, 2-cent operation is accurate, truthful and representative of their employees hard sell of lies & credit card rip-offs. even within their promotion after turning them down, you have to decipher a flight manual to comply.

    People who leave compliments about a company on what they're "expected" to deliver do not visit a complaint web site titled consumer complaints and post compliments. their employess do!!! they post a couple of fake compliments to dispute and invalidate the 100% scam that this co. is all about.

    Tehy don't disclose the name prior to your visit because they know you'll do just this! investigate.

    Go back and read some of their employees fake compliments on the other pages of this site! read how ridiculous they all sound!! if you were pleased with a product or service, would you come to this site and write a compliment? be honest!!! of course not!

    Any rebutal or kind words could only be coming from their own employees.

    Contnue to use travelocity and orbitz and save yourself the headache and debit of $ 8, 000 from your checking account and $169 yearly fee!!!

  • Oo
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    Well, let's just say I have just read enough that I am convinced my husband and I will NOT be attending the 90 minutes presentation I called and signed us up for on Tuesday. I was told it it not a sales seminar, nor timeshare or high pressure deal, just a way for Five Points Travel to "drum up business because the internet has hurt the travel agent industry" and all I am reading is about $9000.00 sign up fees for a travel agency and it's sub companies that have LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of complaints. Don't know about you, but life is complicated enough that I don't need the extra aggrevation of a scam agency like this. THANK GOD for the internet is all I can say, and for people who have the decency to take the time out of their lives to forewarn others. I suppose it must be some kind of therapy to sit and bang out your frustrations of being taken on your keyboard. If I gave 9 grand out and could not get it back I would be screaming on my PC too. So, I'll reserve my keyboard banging for work and MAKING money... So, Thanks but NO THANKS Five Points Travel, Dreamworks or WHATEVER other scam AKA name you are known as. Here's a hint, a guide to use in Life I suppose..., you know something we've all heard before: "Nothing in life is free", "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is" and "There is a sucker born every minute". Thank you all for saving me lots of time and energy!!

    Potential Sucker saved by the internet ; ^ D

    ~S.C. New Jersey

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