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Never go to this place for Leucoderma or any other treatment. This place is being run by Saif Rizvi (wife of late A H Rizvi). She is only interested in getting maximum amount of money from your pocket, you will be charged anywhere between 650-1000 rs per sitting and even after 50 seatings you will be at the same place where you started. In my case new scars had developed while undergoing treatment for Luecoderma. Also she will take money from you in advance, like say... for 10 seatings. In case you plan to leave the treatment or need your money back, forget it, she will never return it back. After 50 seatings, she will say lets go for skin grafting for which she will charge anywhere close to 25-30, 000 rs, but that won't prevent new scars from appearing. She doesn't give receipts if you ask for them, giving petty excuses like the receipt book is finished, she has ordered for new one. Also she doesn't give any written prescription. You are not left with any proof of treatment.I haven't seen such a pathetic doctor throughout my life. Also the devices they are using are too old, will hardly benefit. Also it will be superficial treatment which will be temporary. If you need real Leucoderma treatment, where in medicines are given to increase your immunity against this disease then go for Dr. Ravish ( I too ended paying around 20, 000 rs, didn't get a refund for pending sittings, when i asked for and ended up with new scars during the treatment, which she continued to ignore. Treatment from Dr. Ravish seems to be working fine.

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    Dr Rizvis customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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    Let me tell you all... I was not paid by anyone to post this complaint ... and no one from Dr. Rizvis contacted me as has been posted by them. When I asked for a refund as I had paid extra for around 5-6 seatings which I didn't want to undergo, Mrs. Rizvi bluntly said non-refundable.. She might be rich, I don't have money and time to sue her...!!! But believe me never go to this fraudster... eventually I gave up ayurhealthline as well as it also didn't help. Been to Mukesh Girdhar clinic as well, but the steroids given as part of treatment later caused cataract in eyes... doesn't look like there is a proper treatment available for vitiligo anywhere in the world today and they are still researching...!!!

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  • Mn
      Sep 11, 2010

    Can you provide your contact no. so that I can contact you regarding Dr. Rizvi's experience...I want to visit that place for my father's leukoderma treatment.

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  • No
      Mar 26, 2011

    Hi friends, I am totally agree with this comment. I had also suufred from the same problem in Dr. Rizvi's clinic

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  • Ni
      Aug 08, 2011

    I'm not sure who you are but my experience at Dr Rizvis clinic has been wonderful and absolutely life changing. They have been in practice for the past 25 years and have pioneered much of the techniques being practiced today for the treatment of this disease. I had leucoderma ever since I was 12 years old, I found Dr Rizvis clinic after being recommended by a friend who was cured. I received treatment for 6 months with dramatic response and improvement. I was able to get married and lead a normal happy life. I owe them alot and am eternally thankful for their help. The clinic has been very helpful, cordial and wonderful people. You sound like a disgruntled person who probably is marketing for another doctor.

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  • Ma
      Mar 11, 2018

    @nisha87 Hello..I am also suffering from lucodrama
    Is Dr rizvi clinic is good
    If possible please share your contact number

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  • Ol
      Aug 08, 2011

    Dr. Rizvi graduated from internal medicine residency from a community based NY program. I find it utterly interesting that a) his ?mother is using his name, and b) he is practicing with his father who is a dermatologist associated with Mool Chand Hospital. I know Dr. Rizvi from many years ago and questioned his personal ethics then. I hope he's cleaned up his act, he for sure though has not received formal training in dermatology, only under the apprenticeship of his father.

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  • Md
      Aug 31, 2011

    Dr Rizvi practices Aesthetic Medicine. For further information please contact us directly at Aesthetics.[protected], where we can give you genuine information and testimonials from thousands of satisfied patients that have been treated over the past 20 years and direct testimonials from our present patients. Our mission is to eradicate Leucoderma and give you a complete and lifelong cure, it would be unfortunate if anyone was prevented from coming to our Institute and obtaining the best medical treatment that India has to offer.

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  • Ho
      Sep 05, 2011

    Dr. Rizvi's clinic is the best dermatology clinic I have been to. They were recommended to me after another family member was treated successfully by them for their leucoderma. I have now been now visiting them for many years now and have always been satisfied. Negative comments above seem to be coming from possible competitors and sound quite baseless. Cost of treatment is always an issue with pay for services, even in USA, aesthetic treatments are only conducted after cash or credit payment. Secondly, it is very well known that treatment success is not guaranteed in any medical treatment, otherwise we would have cured all diseases in the world for free.

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  • Xt
      Feb 28, 2013

    Strongly Agree - We arrived at the clinic at around 1 in the afternoon there were no other patients. The doctor (son of Dr Rizvi) came after some time yawning and it looked like he directly came from the Bed, which shows his sincerity towards his patients. His attitude was not of a doctor and he looked like a quack. He kept on touching me at my shoulder which made me uncomfortable. Without even listening to my case history, which is very important for selection of a proper treatment, he referred for PUVA and after 3 months of PUVA thereapy he recommended for surgery. When i consulted other doctors they didnt recommended PUVA and said it wont be helpful. When i asked for the cost of treatment he quoted 900 bucks for each sitting, afterwards when i inquired at other clinics they said it would cost me 450 per sitting. Same was the case with surgery for vitiligo for which he mentioned 60, 000 bucks whereas the other doctors (at apollo) said it would cost me around 30, 000. Seriously this person is there to earn money. A patient suffering from a disease like vitiligo is very emotional and wants to get rid of this disease and all he is doing is playing with the emotions of a patient. Mr Rizvi is only eating on the reputation which his father built over the years. There are many other good doctors and i would recommend people suffering from vitiligo to take consultation with other doctors.

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  • Va
      Jun 25, 2013

    Err...what is "Xtravert" trying to say? Puva is not the cure for vitiligo? I have suffered from this disease for 8 years, and after I was referred to Dr Rizvi, I have been cured. I was told there is no cure, and I was so depressed till I met Dr Rizvi. Yes, he is young but then he gave me hope and I am a student and it was expensive. I also paid 900 rs per sitting and I also had surgery on my hands, and feet. It was expensive, about 2 lakhs in total I spent. But I'm cured! Please read on the internet about Narrowband UV-B and PUVA. Only Dr Rizvi has German machines in India. the rest i have seen are Korean, and Chinese and yes, the other doctors couldnt cure me. So, friends, dont listen to anyone who tells you PUVA is not the cure. It is the only cure, and if you are in a hurry, then get surgery and be Leucoderma free. It has been two years and no spots have returned so far. I am very happy to have spent that money for this result.

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  • Xt
      Oct 11, 2013

    Dear mr vaidnath...I think that mr rizvi (not saying doctor because i dont think he is one) must have paid you to write this testimonial...I am saying this because u are doing the same thing what mr rizvi did... recommending puva without listening to the case... I have patches on my bony areas where it is very hard to get pigmentation as u dont have hair follicles. ... before coming to dr rizvi I already had 6 months of sitting and was cured upto 80 percent but without any improvement in bony areas like back of the hand feets etc...and mr rizvi without listening to this recommended puva... rizvi'd father I agree was one of the renowned doctor in india but that was 20 years back... and this quack is feeding on that my surprise, while I was consulting a doctor in bangalore, mr rizvi's bad practices are known not only in delhi but in bangalore also.

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  • Vi
      Mar 04, 2014

    Hi all, how can I know who is true and who is false here. Pls help me to decide weather shd I go to this doctor or not?

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  • Xt
      Jul 07, 2014

    There are definitely better doctor's in Delhi. My Recommendation is don't go for PUVA rather go for narrow band therapy or laser (a bit expensive). I can suggest you some doctor's - Doctor Giridhar near karkardooma metro station or if you can get an appointment in safdarjung hospital with doctor Neeti. But in any case don't go at Rizvi's clinic.

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  • Pa
      Aug 09, 2014

    I an in shock of these comments ! Dr Rizvis clinic was THE FIRST clinic in ALL of India to provide PUVA... They are pioneers in the field ... Dr AH Rizvi learned from the INVENTOR of PUVA... This is an iconic clinic that has treated some of the biggest names and celebrities in India and politicians ... I SAW them when I went in as a patient ... The comments that are coming from competitors... Totally false... They should sue them for defamation if I was them... Goto to this clinic ... It is the BEST place for leucoderma in all of India.

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  • Dr
      Dec 20, 2014

    I am Dr. Huma Rizvi.I would like to draw your attention towards one of your complaint which is creating problem to me & my profession. This complaint is on your website for a Doctor whose name is also Rizvi. There are certain negative reviews about that Doctor.But my concern is that my patients are getting misguided.My patients are getting negative because of that complaint.I request you to mask or remove that complaint from public view. Its really harming my profession.Please help me out.Its important to me.Please consider my problem.

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