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Dr. Mark Brannon / Bad business Practices

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Contact information:
Dr. Mark Brannon/Brannon Dental
21809 N Scottsdale Rd
Phone: 480-563-0000
My husband and I went to Dr. Brannon for 3 years and unfortunately had invisalign done through him during that time. He does not care about his patients only making money. I am firm believer in telling others if some one is very bad or very good. He did little to nothing on my husband invisalign and after he left the new dentist had to fix everything he did wrong. He also caused a severe infection when he pulled my husbands wisdome teeth. He kept telling us it was normal but it wasn't. He had a great staff and that was all that I believe kept him in business. If I can warn one person to not go to him it is worth it. He should not be practicing or allowed to work on people.

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D  7th of Mar, 2009 by 
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This is ridiculous. I have been a patient of Dr. Brannon's for almost 20 years and found this complaint while trying to google the address of his new office. He is amazing at what he does, has a great and kind bedside manner and is highly regarded among peers in his profession. I can say these things with absolute certainty because my husband is an orthodontist and as someone in the business do you really think my husband and I would go to someone bad? This is a joke. Clearly whoever this person complaining is, they have no idea that Dr. Brannon pours his heart and soul into his practice and lives for his patients and staff. They say that he is only interested in making money? Seriously? He could care less. To whomever is writing, you obviously know not the man who you are so wrongly and maliciously slandering. You are a shameful person for saying such terrible and heartless lies about an A+ doctor and a good man. I also would like to address your husbands invisalign - my guess is that he left the case because he got in a serious accident, was in a wheelchair for 8 months, and opened a new practice, not because he abandoned you in any way or was irresponsible. And, since all 4 of my sons had their wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Brannon I can tell you firsthand that their surgeries went perfectly so maybe your husband had a fluke problem or did not take care of himself properly. Well, thats all I have to say. I just couldn't stand not saying something when I read this online. What an awful load of garbage. Dr. Brannon is AMAZING! period lady.
D  20th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I agree with the first lady. And I am actually very aware of the inside of scoop of the whole Brannon ordeal and the man is manipulative. The second person who wrote, wow. Go take a cold shower. Please take a realtiy check. I feel sorry for you. Just because your husband is an orthodontist doesn't mean anything. Brannon did in fact abandon the practice, causing the owner of the practice to go bankrupt WHILE soliciting patients to his new office. I would say that's a little slimy. I was completely neutral before I found out this horrible news. You need to not defend people that you really do not know. People are sneaky. Brannon knew that your husband was an ortho, so he probably treated with respect knowing that you had inside to the dental world. Come lady. THINK. The world is always peaches and pears. People want money, and they'll go to extremes to get there.
N  8th of May, 2010 by 
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Dr. Brannon has been sued 4 times for medical malpractice look it up for yourself at maricopa.gov or cut and paste the following link and put his name in http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/docket/CivilCourtCases/caseSearch.asp You will find the following cases CV1998-012629, CV2000-010401, CV2007-024001, CV2008-003187. That is only the people who were brave enough to sue him for what he did to them. Look at his Dental Board record it is really bad as well he has had many complaints and Disciplinary Actions go to the following link or cut and paste this in your bowser http://www.azdentalboard.us/ProDetail.asp?LicenseNoConcatenated=D%20%202856
Board action http://www.azdentalboard.us/Orders/58903.PDF
Board Action http://www.azdentalboard.us/Orders/92105.PDF
Board Action http://www.azdentalboard.us/Orders/92115.PDF
Board Action http://www.azdentalboard.us/Orders/95214.PDF
Dr. Mark Brannon is also responsible for making a woman very ill by leaving cotton in a a crown he also failed to to seal a class three fracture in the same tooth. This caused an infection in that tooth that drained from the patient's body for almost ten years. She was always very ill and did not know what was wrong until another dentist found it now leaving her with many life long illnesses. I could not find anything about this at the dental board but I researched CV2008-003187 it is the pending medical malpractice action regarding this woman. It looks like she has not filed a board complaint but is attempting to get reimbursed for what he did to her. Don't worry after the outcome of her case it is now mandatory that it be reported to the dental board even if she does not report him herself. This guy should not practice anymore how many medical malpractice actions will it take before they stop this guy.
D  20th of May, 2010 by 
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First of al I have been a patient of Dr.Brannon since high school, Dr.B is the most honest, trustworthy, and skilled dentist I know of. Whoever said that he left he abandoned the practice needs to check her facts; (1) Br.B fell OFF HIS ROOF which crippled him for almost a year, that means he was physically inhibited from working. He had to SELL his practice due to his physical status. (2) This did not bankrupt the dentist who bought it, as Dr. B did not have involvement in the other dentist's business affairs, thus the only evident answer is that the dentist that bought it must not have managed it correctly as is usual with many businesses. Dr.Brannon is the best dentist I know, but more importantly he is one of the most honorable men I know.
N  22nd of May, 2010 by 
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If Dr. Mark D. Brannon DDS is so honorable why is he dragging a woman trough court that he knows he brought major harm to? Sandra Hope is the name of his patient and she came to him for some routine dental work and received a lifetime of sickness. Take a look at the tooth that caused it all attached to this message. According to the lawsuit in this matter CV2008-003187 Dr. Mark D. Brannon DDS had another colleague do the root canal but he did not finish it and Dr. Mark Brannon DDS did not check to see if there were completion ex-rays nor did he take any for himself. He identified a class three fracture in the same tooth #31 but did not seal the fracture he he did not put the necessary composite in the tooth, he left a piece of surgical cotton in the tooth and seated the permanent crown on top of it. This created an infection that drained through this woman's body for about 9 years. She was so sick and could not find out were the infection was coming from despite going to all of the hospitals and doctors offices you could ever imagine unable to find out what was making her so sick. An infection in a tooth sealed underneath a crown is very hard to detect. Dr. Mark Brannon DDS placed the deadly crown in 1997 and it was not found by another dentist until 2006. Dr. Mark Brannon DDS knows that the medical records speak for themselves and that he did wrong but when this woman came to him for coverage of her claim he denied to have his insurance pay for it and is making her fight for it in court. He says the tooth was never infected and if it was infected that tooth infections do not make you sick. So to get out of the claim he is asking everyone to forget everything they ever learned about dental health. What a joke, so I guess only go to the dentist if you want pretty teeth because according to Dr. Mark Brannon DDS dental health means nothing, well at least for this case. If you look into the other medical malpractice lawsuits filed against Dr. Mark Brannon you will find people who have been maimed for life. Dr. Mark Brannon DDS paralyzed this poor guys whole face and tongue by severing nerves. He has performed surgical procedures that he is not qualified for and multiple issues with crowns that just fall off when you touch them. The dental board show that he has a pattern of over billing patients for charging for unnecessary extractions or charging higher fees rather that just the co-pay. You may think Dr. Mark Brannon DDS is a nice guy but you have been very lucky I would not let him touch my teeth if you paid for it. Take a look at the attached photo and tell me if it looks infected, rotted and decayed to you. Dr. Mark Brannon DDS for purposes of his lawsuit think that nothing is wrong with it at all.
D  23rd of May, 2010 by 
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It seems that you both pose the classic black and white argument. Here are some issues to consider.

1) Note that a civil complaint such as the one you refer to above is simply that: a complaint. Complaints are written to advocate the plaintiff, so obviously that's where it's going to look like someone did something wrong. Otherwise, there would be no complaint.
2) Note that the other cases you refer to were dismissed after a settlement was reached. It is curious this one was not settled. Is one side asking for too much?
3) The types of surgeries performed probably come with some risk, which a patient is usually aware of beforehand, and they sign their life away to show it.
4)Many people also fail to return for routine check ups, or listen to their Doctors orders, preferring to trust what advice they hear from the local news or Dr. Oz.

Are any of you debaters experts on these dental surgeries? Do you perform your job with 100% accuracy? It appears this DDS has been practicing for 20 years. He is probably capable of performing many complex surgeries.

If Dr. Brannon has a license, he is fit for practice.
N  26th of May, 2010 by 
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Sounds like the dentist attorney has come to his rescue. First of all if a doctor is sued for malpractice it does not cost him anymore to settle the claim if he settles for 5, 000 or 1, 000, 000 just like a car accident you carry automobile insurance and if you are in an accident that you are responsible for you usually do not have to pay any money out of pocket because you have paid for your insurance. The only time you have to worry is if you do not have enough coverage. In this case there is a total of 2, 000, 000 dollars in coverage so the doctor should be able to settle without risk of his own personal assets. How much money is to much money for destroying a persons life or quality of life. A person who is injured by negligence is at least entitled to pain, suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income. To be really sick for nine years walking around with an unknown tooth infection is a lot of pain and suffering. This woman has also been left with permanent medical conditions as a result of the persistent infection. To add insult to injury this doctor offered the woman Sandra Hope 5, 000 to settle the claim. I spoke with a source close to the case and learned she has lost most of her 30's and 40's and was unable to have a child with the man she has loved for the last 13 years. Lives have been changed forever and this is about accountability and a good person and a good doctor would do the right thing and not drag this poor woman through court. Her hospital bills and prescriptions are into the hundreds of thousands alone without taking into account any of her pain and suffering. It does take a lot of mistakes and neglect for a doctor or dentist to lose their license that is why you should check someone's record before you trust them with your life. Some doc's and dentist's are in it for the money and some are in it because it is their passion. Dr. Mark Brannon should start to rebuild his practice by taking responsibility and learning from his mistakes instead of fighting a victim of his in court. From what I understand this woman has not even filed a complaint against him at the dental board over this tragedy, sounds like she just want to be reimbursed for her life losses and I believe that is what insurance is for.
N  26th of May, 2010 by 
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Your talking about something routine by getting wisdom teeth extracted. I'm talking about paying for a root canal and the dentist not completing it but having you come back and placing a permanent crown on top of the incomplete root canal with cotton left inside of the tooth. The root was already infected that is why the patient needed a root canal in the first place then you place the permanent crown with cotton in it which is not biodegradable and that is like putting kerosine on a fire. The other factor is the patient had a class three fracture of that tooth that Dr. Brannon had identified in his records but he as well did not treat the fracture as required by normal dentistry practice. At least if he would have treated the class three fracture the patients tooth would have abscessed out in about 6 months and she could have discovered the infection allot sooner. The fracture allowed the infection to also drain so it did not abscess so the patient walked around for approximately nine years with the infection. This really happened so do not come to conclusions without considering the blatant evidence, as a matter of fact there has never been a case recorded where a dentist has been so careless in doing what has been done here. In dentistry you have to take ex-rays when a root canal is completed so the dentist can verify that the root canal was completed before placing the permanent crown and in this case that was not done. Once the root canal is complete you have to do a post build up before placing the permanent crown and in this case this was not done. In this case there are to many inexcusable areas of neglect where the dentist fell below the standard of care. The patient in this case was required to get an expert to agree or disagree with what happened and there are to experts that agree. 1. a dental expert who has reviewed the dental records and has determined that the dentist was grossly negligent and 2. An infectious disease expert who agrees after looking at the patients records that the tooth was indeed infected and that the infection itself lead to all of this patients illnesses.

If you don't believe a tooth infection is deadly and or will make you very sick just google it and see what you find. While your at it google a "long term dental infection" and see what you find. The expert who agrees with the facts in this case is Dr. Joseph Silva is also a professor and you can cut and paste the following link to see his qualifications http://www.health.mil/dhb/members/Silva-Bio-11_13_07.pdf . I doubt he would put his reputation on the line for mere speculation. This case really interests me because people should know but need to know the effects the health of your mouth have on the rest of your body. Many experts say the health of your mouth determines how long you will even live. So rather that having your attorney or your friends come to your defense for something that should have never happened in the first place, this should be a learning process for all to consider. They have been studying the effects of tooth infections on the body since the 1800's see "Dental Sepsis In Relation to Systemic Disease" at http://www.springerlink.com/content/3452712660572021/ another good read is "Spread of Dental Infection" at http://www.mmcpub.com/pdf/1997jph/199705jph_pdf/97jphv6n5p13.pdf. If you have read the recommended articles you will see that you could be walking around with a nasty infection in your mouth and not even know it. If you experience pain with your infection then you are one of the lucky ones to be able to have some warning to get checked out but if you are one of the many people that have an infection with no pain from the source you need to pay attention to other signs like bad taste in mouth, white pasty tongue, and general ill feelings such as fever, chills, lethargic, headaches, flu like symptoms, elevated or decreased heart rate, stomach pain ect. If you have any of these symptoms continue after going to the hospital without finding the source do yourself a favor and see a board certified dentist to see if there is a dental connection. Remember everyone is different and experiences different symptoms and effects of an infection so do not take any chances.
N  26th of May, 2010 by 
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His office was paid to complete a root canal and they did not complete it and instead just placed the permanent crown on top of the cotton with the rest of the mess. He is responsible, don't you get it yet? How would you like to pay for a root canal not get a complete one and have this horror happen to you? You must be his attorney or a close friend the way you are defending his blatant disregard for a customary procedure. Don't you understand that an incomplete root canal will invite infection especially when you leave cotton in the tooth. I hope you are smarter than that if you are a stealth pilot because even a complete idiot can understand that. Come On!!!
D  5th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Ironically, informer12, you appear to be the attorney for Mrs. Hope. Your legalese and chatter about medical experts in this exact procedure, and your detail with "insider" negotiations sure make it sound like you know more about this case than is publicly available. You also lack insight into the control and interest an insurance company has in a case like this, since they don't want to pay out of their pocket unless absolutely necessary. Maybe your efforts would be better directed by complaining about the insurance company.
N  7th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I am not a party to this case nor am I the attorney of record in this matter just a person very interested in medical malpractice cases. It is funny though that the person gt_nori making the last comment dated June 5th has only made one comment ever here leads me to believe I definitely have Dr. Brannon or his attorney on the hook line and sinker. I would not worry about the insurance company because they are not the ones who made Sandra Hope sick but if the insurance company refuses to settle when the doctor wishes to settle or does not disclose known conflicts can create a bad faith issue with the insured or the Plaintiff, but that would be another case for another time for another discussion. Lets put it this way if the insurance company refuses to settle when the doc wants to and if the case goes to trial and the jury comes back with a verdict over the policy limitations the doc could sue his insurance company for bad faith. I'm sure the insurance company would not take that risk. Who knows maybe the parties will settle on the steps of the court the day of trial after the defense attorney's have milked the case for all the fee's they can get. Remember a defense firm can bill anywhere from $200, 000 and $500, 000 to defend a claim like this so they are not in business of recommending settling until they have made their lick. I hope that the attorney's are not upset about public online discussion boards where the public can get the truth instead of a muffled version of the story. People have the right in America to voice there opinions and thoughts.
D  27th of Aug, 2010 by 
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Wow, informer12! Sounds like you have a personal vendetta for Dr Brannon. I wonder why you feel you must publicly blast your opinion of him over and over again? I get that you've decided he's not a dentist you want to go to, but come on! How many posts are you going to write to try and tear this man down?
D  6th of Jun, 2012 by 
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I went to Dr. Brannon for years until my insurance changed. I found him to be cordial and caring. I had two root canals done in his office with crowns, a couple of fillings, and some additional work. Everything was done to perfection. I was very unhappy when my insurance changed to an assembly line dental clinic that tries to upcharge all their patients.

Dr. Brannon has been practicing for 20 years. Medicine is not perfect. Human beings are not perfect. That he may have only made a couple of errors in 20 years is actually a good record. How many of you can claim you've never made a mistake on your jobs?
A  7th of Jun, 2012 by 
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I have very bed experience with Mark Brannon he spend 4 minutes on crown fitting, charge more for crown then estimate, charge for buildup he never did .Aim Very unhappy. Spend thousand of dollars for ugly cosmetic job. Nobody is perfect but, but he is very greedy .

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