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Dr. Jan V. Karlin / Disfigured after breast surgery

1 7600 Dr. Phillips Blvd. #74Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 407-226-0609

In October of '07 I had a breast augmentation and lift. Within 2 weeks, my breasts turned necrotic and I lost both nipples and areolae. During that 2 weeks I told him that I felt a great deal of pressure in my chest. His nurse even pointed out what looked like a big bubble under my skin. This man suggested that I get some Valium and just relax.

After my breasts had rotted, I had a second surgery to repair the damage. I was told that there was at least 300 ccs of fluid in each pocket but the implants were intact...thus the pressure and the reason I lost my nipples and areolae.

Two weeks after the second surgery in Nov, while he was on vacation, the sutures tore open on both sides. His office just let them open up. When i asked him why any of this was happening all he would say is "I don't know. I've never seen this before". He has been a PS for 15 years and he'd never seen it.

Thanks to his staff of wonderful ladies, his office paid for a V.A.C. machine and I was hooked up to it for 6 weeks while the tennis ball sized holes in my chest very slowly healed closed. My darling husband had to change my dressings every 72 hours.

I have since gone to another surgeon who says I am deformed.

Do NOT go to this man! Do NOT give him another opportunity to botch again.

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  • De
      5th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Hard to believe this as I have been a patient of Dr Karlin for several years. The staff and Dr Karlin have been very professional with me and my care. I had one issue and it was taken care of immediately. I guess there is always two sides to every story. I have recommended several of my friends to Nova Cosmetic Center and they have been extremely satisfied. Sorry about your bad experience. I wish you well in the future.

  • No
      25th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dr. Karlin was quickly annoyed by my questions. He was very defensive and his responses were loaded with sarcasm. Following the advice of my family physician, I logged on The American Board of Plastic Surgery at and realized that he is NOT a board certified plastic surgeon! A fact I cannot disregard as the plastic surgery field is populated with crooks.

  • Or
      2nd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    The lady complaining about your're leaving out the fact that you rubbed your ridiculous herbal remedy and aromatherapy stuff into your breasts and stitches, and that probably CAUSED your problems.

  • Ma
      19th of Sep, 2011
    -1 Votes

    To Orlando Christina: you seem to know intimate details about this case. You would also know that Dr. Karlin approved the use of my "ridiculous herbal remedy" and I have a witness to that effect. I also stopped using it when the bruising got worse. And if you want to talk about "ridiculous herbal remedies", lets talk about the homeopathic arnica that Dr. Karlin gave me for use before the surgery. If you know anything about homeopathy you know that it's a bunch of disproven, harmful bunk. These little sugar pills have nothing in them! Homeopathic "remedies" are diluted to the point that not even a single molecule of the original substance exists in them. I still have that bottle sitting right here on my desk.

    Second: the necrosis was more likely caused by too much pressure from the serous fluid buildup in the pocket. When I complained about the pressure, instead of actually addressing the issue, the man had the gall to tell me to "take a Valium and relax". After the implants were removed, over 300 ccs of serous fluid buildup was found in EACH POCKET. At a subsequent checkup one of his nurses at the time even pointed out a big bubble in my skin. I call that negligence.

    Third, since you have knowledge of my case then you have knowledge of the legal agreement as well. Since you are one of Dr. Karlin's "agents", I will consider this a breech of said contract. Dr. Karlin's name is, therefor fair game and will be disclosed accordingly. Have a nice day.

    AND when I asked why this was happening, he actually said "I don't know. I've never seen anything like this". Am I supposed to believe that a surgeon of (at the time) 15 years of experience had never seen necrosis? Not even in medical school?? Give me a frickin break.

  • Ma
      20th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Something else I forgot to mention: The morning after surgery, I was already deeply bruised from my midsection to my collarbone. A nurse from another practice that I spoken with suspects that, according to her, 'something went horribly wrong during surgery' to cause that level of bruising. Another nurse thought it was probable that I had been dropped during surgery. So there were already issues right out of the gate.

  • Or
      5th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Maria Myrback you need a better lawyer, you violated your own alleged agreement by blogging on every website possible about this event. And no, i'm not one of the doctor's agents, i know you...and your purple haired ridiculous self. YOU caused your own issues.

  • La
      30th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    While I am SOOOO sorry to hear of your horrible experience with this physician, are you (were you) aware that Dr. Karlin is NOT a board-certified plastic surgeon? As a matter of fact, he is NOT boarded in ANY specialty whatsoever! He DID graduate from medical is unclear exactly what kind of residency he did...he IS NOT and NEVER WAS board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (or ANY medical specialty, for that matter)! He operates out of his office...he does not operate out of a hospital, meaning he has no hospital privileges! Any doctor can perform any procedure they's up to the patient to do their homework! Don't let the fancy website, or fancy way he/she talks, or the way they try to twist words around to fool you. It is every patient's responsibility to ask their "plastic surgeon" if they are board certified by THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY. Period. If they try to double-talk you, or talk you in circles, or tell you about all of their other "certifications", WALK AWAY!!! Sorry you had to learn that the hard way!!! Hope you are doing well all these years later!!! :)

  • Ke
      3rd of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Dr. Karlin is nothing short of awful. He and his office staff are very, very rude. Additionally, he is NOT good at his job. He rushes everything, including the surgery, which results in bad work. I had liposuction (which I truly regret) with him years ago. He did not take the full amount of fat allowable by law and left my body very uneven which years later I still have issue with. As soon as I was done he wanted to talk about more surgery instead of my dissatisfaction. Botched! Stay away!

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