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Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland, and the still works, because you will never think that he his a scammer . Its not a dentist, this person is a dangerous criminal, he works at the Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin, this clinic of fraudsters it’s based on the public’s misconception of what a dental implant really is. When most folks think of dental implants, ..we think: new tooth, tooth replacement, artificial tooth, I can chew again! I’m gonna improve my smile, I don’t want dentures, this is gonna improve my luck with the opposite sex, etc. Those dental implant scammers, and their leader Dr Eamon Croke, actually promote this imagery with website and billboard photos of beautifully dazzling, sexy celebrity smiles. But, once you fall for the ads, ..and they get you in for your “free consult”, will soon realize you’ve been had. Yes, you get the Little Screw that goes into your jawbone for FREE!!, but only after letting them charge your VISA for a couple thousands of £ Pounds for, say, ..the NEW TOOTH that you’ll need to FILL THAT BIG UGLY HOLE! And, not to mention: antibiotics, pain meds, panoramic and single xrays, cat scan, follow up appointments and xrays, , prescription mouth wash, abutment, temporary cap, sutures, anger management classes to deal with your newly developed hatred for Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin and the fraudster the ‘ dentist ‘ Dr Eamon Croke .
Another angle on this scam is, once they get you in for your initial xray, ..they “regret to inform you that that £ 500, or FREE! IMPLANT is for the “Mini-Implant”...of which is not suitable for your particular case”. If you hear the words “Mini-Implant”...I suggest you run, don’t walk, to a trusted dentist for a second opinion.
The Dental Implant scam of Dr Eamon Croke works by betraying the trust that the average person has in The Doctor. When most of us think about the professions, we invariably place Doctors above everyone else in terms of nobility, self sacrifice, ..and, above all, trustworthiness. While I like to think that most Doctors are worthy of our sacred trust, ..all it takes are a few unscrupulous individuals to fleece us like trusting sheep. Dr Eamon Croke and this Hermitage Dental Clinic, charged me for £ 8000, and the quality of the work done by Dr Eamon Croke was next to zero .
The tricky part of the scam is when they have to explain the lies in the ad, and still act like they care about you as a patient and not just a fool with money. As an innocent shopper of these scammers, I can tell you they are extremely polished at the bait and switch: they either read a persuasive script over the phone explaining why it’s not really lying to advertise a FREE implant that’s going to cost you thousands of pounds, .. and that you really should come in anyway !

Jan 8, 2015
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  • Ja
      8th of Jan, 2015

    Dr Eamon Croke, was found guilty of professional misconduct, at an investigation into his fitness to practise dentistry, held on 12 December, 2014, in relation to the following different allegations .
    “That in the course of practising dentistry and when providing treatment to a patient (the complainant) the quality of treatment you provided to the complainant fell below and acceptable level of competence which she was entitled to expect from you”
    The European Dental Organization at its meeting on 16 December 2014 was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that this allegation was proven against Dr. Eamon Croke and that he is guilty of professional misconduct in this respect.

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