douglas harry scottI was blocked this morning

K Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

I was blocked from my account without explanation beyond being told in a form letter (1 in Hungarian!) that they can't reinstate my account and direct me to their terms of service. I've done nothing wrong!
I still have outstanding purchases that are now WAY past the estimated date of delivery but I haven't received the products. My emails are being ignored and so am I. I can't communicate with sellers, nor can I respond to their questions of whether or not I've received my items. I've tried telling that to wish support but it's come to nothing!
I've tried calling and I've sent many emails that have all been ignored. Not once have I reported an item as having not arrived when it has, and I'm owed about $300 Canadian. I'd like this resolved please.
Thank you for your time and attention...
Douglas harry Scott

douglas harry scott


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      Nov 15, 2017

    Jai hallo to voil if december ned too post in verific todas essas notícias in Guilherme da cidade

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