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My girlfriend went for cleaning and exam at Dossett Dental in 2011. The dentist, a Korean lady named Susan Koo, said my girlfriend needed deep cleaning, a crown, and a bridge. She then sent my girlfriend out to talk with the office manager about the cost.

The office manager, a lady named Fariba Dadgostar, told her the deep cleaning would be $900. She then went on to tell her that she needed the deep cleaning because she had a gum infection and that her lower jaw would rot away if she did not get the deep cleaning. The dentist never mentioned she had a gum infection or anything about her lower jaw rotting away.

The photo included is of dentist Susan Koo
My girlfriend told her she just wanted the regular cleaning and exam and that was all. Fariba told her they would not do regular cleaning, only the deep cleaning for $900.

I could not believe what I was hearing; the office manager was making decisions regarding her medical treatment. This middle-eastern lady was not a dentist, not even a dental assistant, and here she was making medical decisions.

I then became very irritated at what I was hearing and asked Fariba if I could speak to the dentist. She said that I could not. I told her my girlfriend wanted just the regular cleaning. Fariba said they would only do the deep cleaning and refused to do the regular cleaning. We left the place in disgust.

About a week later we went to another dentist and this dentist told her she did not need deep cleaning at all and that she did not have a gum infection. They did the regular cleaning and exam and everything was fine.

I also spoke to my dentist about deep cleaning and he said it was rarely needed. I believe something should be done to stop this unethical practice and hope the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners does something.

I was really angry about what we had experienced at Dossett Dental as they were just trying to rip us off. I filed a compliant with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. A lady from their office called me and said she could not believe that they refused to do a regular cleaning.

They are investigating the matter at the time of this posting and apparently they have had numerous complaints against Dossett Dental. I would recommend everyone to avoid Dossett Dental.

I found this on the Better Business Bureau website:
On April 17, 2009 the State Board of Dental Examiners found that Kenneth Dossett, DDS, with license number 9584, improperly billed patients and issued a reprimand.

dossett dental

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