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Door Clearance Center boosts 10 patio doors on their website with prices ranging from $299 - $899, but arriving at their store was told only had 1 patio door and it costs $799. Looks like the website is a come on to get you in the door.

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  • Do
      Dec 20, 2011

    We currently have all 10 patio models available, including the one available for $299. Those that are not on the floor are available with-in 1 hour, in most cases. We always honor the pricing found on our web site. We have over 2, 000 mahogany, fiberglass and steel doors in-stock in our warehouse.

    We do not practice false advertising to draw people in to our store. On rare occasion we may temporarily sell out of one particular model before we can update the website. That is why we state at the top of every webpage, "Our door selection changes daily. Please call ahead before visiting if shopping for a specific door featured below."

    If you ever experience something different than stated above, there is a misunderstanding. Please ask to speak to the store manager and we will resolve.

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  • Ke
      Sep 18, 2019

    @doorcc They don't do anything with their bad products. You will be left on your own if something goes wrong with your order and it is worse if you live outside of Texas. They area fraudulent company.

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  • Jm
      Jul 21, 2015

    Door Clearance Center has the worst customer service I have encountered in some time. They advertise doors online but they never have them in stock. If you order doors, it may take a week before they put in the order and then another two weeks or more to get them. It took 4 weeks to get 4 standard doors because someone "forgot" to put in the order. Only after repeated phone calls did we finally get some action. If you call, the wait time may be as long as 45 minutes and my emails were never answered. My contractor and I actually drove to Houston on repeated trips to try to get the order filled. We withdrew our order for cabinets because the price kept changing and the service was terrible. Low prices are meaningless if you cannot get the product.

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  • Ke
      Sep 17, 2019

    I purchased a double Exterior Knotty Alder double French doors In 2016. They were expensive. The doors arrived with some moisture in between one of the panes. I immediately told them about it and they did nothing. We had no way of securing the building so we went ahead and put them in and would later have a local company replace one of the glass panels. This spring we noticed that the door bottoms have completely rotted. Also the mullions/frames on several of the window panels have rotted also. The doors were professionally painted with premium primer and 3 coats of exterior paint. I spoke with someone at the Door Clearance Center 3 weeks ago and they told me that these exterior doors "were not meant to be exposed to the weather or meant to be outside"...! I couldn't believe my ears! They are sold on their website as Exterior French Doors! I've attached photos and the ad where they list them as exterior doors without anything saying that they shouldn't be used outside. This is a terrible and fraudulent company. They said that the warranty is only for a year. I get that but they are selling doors that should not be used for exterior use and said that there is nothing they can do. If they rot they rot. We have only had the doors for 2.5 years and they need replacing as a result and they refuse to address the issue or get back to us. We have never had wood doors rot out so early after installation. Terrible company, terrible product and terrible customer service and I would advise strongly not to use them.

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