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Ni Feb 4, 2019

On yesterday February 3rd 2019 at 2:30pm. I called Dominos at 655 E. Sibley Blvd in Dolton, Il. and placed a order. The young lady FIRST hung up on me. So when I called back to place my order the young lady was VERY RUDE, SNOTTY, NASTY and WAS TALKING ENTIRELY TO FAST. I had to ask her OVER three times can she repeat what it was that she said. I IMMEDIATELY called you all's corporate line and placed a complaint (in which no ones still hasn't reached out to me). I am VERY UNPLEASED with you all's business. My boyfriend then called back AFTER three hours of waiting on delivery, for them to say that they called MY phone (which I NEVER gave my number) to them LYING saying they called a 708 number WHICH NEITHER ONE OF US HAVE and tell him they canceled our order! Then tells him they will put the order back in and that they will CREDIT MY ACCOUNT A LIE!!! I am just VERY UNHAPPY with the service. I had a child that had to wait a long time to be fed waiting on you all. I will be putting in a complaint with BBB and ALL social media about Dominos.

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