Dollartree.comstore #3089; unprofessional staff

Br Nov 28, 2018 Galesburg, IL

I'm not treated fairly by your staff. My fiance used to work at your dollar tree in Galesburg IL store #3089 on N. Henderson. Since he quit the staff have been rude for example as soon as we walk in the staff would alarm the cashier's to watch us. I work hard and I don't appreciate the title as a theif, never stole anything in my life, I pay for everything. And as far as the manager is concerned Michela, she is not professional are you aware the she works with her husband he unloads the semi truck. She used her maiden name so no one would find out about her and her husband working together, She advise my fiance not to say anything after he told him that they do work together. I don't think this is fair and appropriate for your business, it also states in the work hand book. She was disrespecting to my fiance talking bad about him to her staff the night manager told us that she was, I don't appreciate the comments I had to hear back.

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