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Dollar Tree / bad customer service

1 130E Cross Ave.Tulare, CA, United States Review updated:
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My sons and I went into the store to do some shopping, and as we were walking passed one of the employees she rudely said to my sons, "Don't go into the toy isle to play. Stay with your mom." It took a minute for me to realize what she had said. I really didn't know how to react because I've never been in that kind of situation. So I went up to her and asked for the owner. She replied and said she was the manager and they were trying to stop kids from playing in the toy isle. I told her, "They were walking with their mother. You don't just walk up to kids and start telling them stuff when they are with their mom." During all of this, she was on a cordless phone. Even when she made a comment to my boys in the beginning. So she got upset and continued on with her conversation on the phone. So I began to raise my voice at her and she told me I need to leave the store and I told her I was leaving. I began my way to the door and told her, "What kind of store are you running here?" I'm pretty sure the store owners do not tell their employees to stand at the door and confront every person that walks in with children. So I really don't know why she chose to confront mine. After I confronted her she could have apologized but, instead she still chose to have a horrible attitude. I could maybe understand if my kids were in the toy isle and looking through things but, we were just walking in. It was totally uncalled for. The sad thing is shes a manager. So shes probably influencing the other employees to act the same way.

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  • Ki
      25th of May, 2008
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    i had an experience the day before yesterday in martell california. my husband, myself, & 3 year old son went to the store to shop. we were shopping quietly, not bothering anyone. the store has several balloons all over the place, so my 3 year old son decided to hold one by the string, not harming it, just holding it, and he was with my husband at the time. a lady claiming to be the store manager by the name of TAMMY came over and grabbed my sons hand, yanked the a balloon out of his hand and told him he can't hold a balloon, he has to put it back! my husband started to react right away and told her she has no right to talk or touch our son. she continued to argue with my husband while i stood in complete shock. i urge everyone in the jackson, martell, sutter creek, california area not to shop at the martell dollar tree!

  • Mr
      12th of Dec, 2018
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    @kim You lie Kim.

  • Ri
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I reviewed some reciepts as I cleaned out my wallet … I noticed the last item on my Dollar Tree slip had rung up twice. I brought that up with the cashier who took it to the manager. I was told … Sorry – call if it happens again ???

    I just cannot believe I’m getting such a lame response from a manager. Oh well – local talent huh.

    Customer Service – Lewisburg Pa. – Some Joke huh

  • Ka
      21st of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I was recently at store#692 and the associate Carla wa stalking a cell phone and then her personal cell rang and she preceded to continue carry on a conversation. I'm sorry someone in her conversation pass away but I don't appreciate a sales person talking on any phone wil waiting on me I almost walked out with the merchandise. She was also talking to an off duty associate while on the phone, I thought how rude.

  • St
      6th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I would like to comment in general about Dollar Tree Management whom are providing such bad customer service to the customers and not providing much needed follow up and/or training for their store associates. I am a previous Asst. Store Manager for Dollar Tree, and in the defense of the store level management the company should be to blame. They spend much of their time pushing employees to have a mind set of putting out freight, emptying the warehouses, recover, clean, merchandise, get ready for corporate visits, ect. I realize this is part of the retail world, however, Dollar Tree provides very little man power as well as hours to complete these tasks. What I am saying is there is very little customer service focus by the company, it is always a focus on merchandising, stocking, corporate visits, and how much work we can posibbly squeeze from one employee without violating laws. (sometimes they do not even consider this). I understand your frustration as a customer wanting appropriate customer service, or even just respect as a patron or person, but please understand that it is a upper management coporate level issue. It is to bad that they do not understand or feel that their focus should be on making customers happy with both value of $1.00 items and excellent customer relations.

  • Ke
      14th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with the comments about Dollar Tree Store, being very poor in
    customer service. There new policy in the Clinton, UT store that you must have the exact change, is ridiculous. How many have the exact change when they go into a store. They have lost focus on where there
    business comes from the customer! The companies that think they can force there ideas on the customer need to be put out of business!
    As customers we can do this by not shopping at there stores, until they
    change their position. The company will get the message when there bottom line is hit.! I urge all not to shop at any store, whicht tryies to force there ideas on customer! I would urge all not to shop at Dollar Tree until they get the message the customer is the one they are surving! I am not sure that its even legal for them
    to place this request of exact change. This may be a thing for the
    Attorney General office to look into. As currecy is legal tender.
    I realize stores can make their own policy but they must comform to
    the law of the land and I am not sure this does. Once again my adive
    for what its worth don't shop Sollar Tree until they change to meet you, the customer needs on your term. You have the power to do this,
    tell your friends and family and associates. Dollar Tree will get the
    message if they want to survice in todays market. Let put the customer back where he belongs in front!

  • Fr
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    I was an employee at the dollar tree store #2660 in El Paso, Texas. When cashiers were rude to customers and customers would complain to store manager she would do nothing and she would give the customer the corporate number because she knew that corporate does not do anything!!! She would tell employees this. So if there ever isa problem with this store please be on corporates (not district manager) behind to see if they have settled the situation>

  • Je
      29th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had a few friends that have worked for Dollar Tree in the past. They would all agree to the statements that have been stated on this form. I have very recently applied for an open District Manager Position in Louisville, KY and I vow that if I should receive this position, I will take care of problems like this in the future and do better than "my best" to make sure no such problem happens in my district. I may be young and still in college, but I know for a fact that there is no reason for any such treatment. Thank you for your input as it helps me to determine my plan of attack should I receive this position.

    Wayne Jones

  • Mi
      1st of Dec, 2014
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    Good luck Wayne, you are fighting an awfully big monster.

  • Th
      13th of Jan, 2016
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    Tonja Steffens Manager at 1$ tree on hwy 99 In Lynnwood was unprofessional yelling at me about her x bf who is my tattoo artist saying I'm a [censored] wh$%% and I want her bf... I asked for a new cashier she took my merchandise n told me to get the [censored] out of store... I'm good looking enuff to get my own bf would not want her sloppy seconds I rest my case ...

  • Re
      25th of Jan, 2016
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    Dollar Tree 01/25/2016
    Customer Service - Store #4864-Marietta, GA
    Sales Associate - SHELINDA-

    On several occasions while visiting this store, she seems to be in a bad mood
    customers were and line and was noticing her attitude. She not a friendly
    person and let everyone know...poor customer service :(

  • Re
      11th of Feb, 2016
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    February 10, 2016
    Employee Jasmine has terrible customer service and too much attitude towards customer and very negative vibe.

  • Rw
      26th of Mar, 2016
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    On 2 separate occasions my wife and I had merchandise paid for but not bagged only to discover this once we got home.

  • Br
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Dollar Tree - poor work experie
    dollar tree
    United States
    Phone: 217-883-9704

    I am an employee of store 494 as of 1-12-15 i quit i been there since december of 2013 i loved my job and some of my coworkers and my customer but we ended up with a new manager who told me after our full time assitant quick i was get promoted from part time to full time told all we was waiting on was my backgrond and had to train me a lil bit on stuff i was already a part time she than went behind my back and offered it to a stocker that we have had foe 2 months that cant wvwn run a register she is rude and the way she treats her employees is wrong she takes alot of smoke breaks a day and she lets employees that she likes go outside and smokw on clock i went to our dm mikeand aftwr i did that she started writing me up for everything if recovery didnt get done rite i got wrote up but she dont do recovery herself and i called off 1 time and ahe wrote me up for that ans stuff that happened a month ago that she was ok with she is losing alot of good employees and when stuff gets sent over to be pulled off shelves she dont do it and shw takes our cardboard and fills up othes buisness dumpster with it witch is illegal you are going to prob end up with alot of complaints she never answers her phone for emergencies she is a very horrible boss and mike the district manager hes no better he is aware of everything and refuses to do anything i have been with the company for so im upset i got pushed to my point of quitting i hope this is taken int consideration and somethings doen about it thanks

  • Jz
      8th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    I would just like to let everyone know of my experience at the Dollar Tree on Rt 130 N, Burlington, NJ on 3/8/2018. I walked into the store to purchase a few baskets which took about a minute since they were located as soon as I walked in the door. I grabbed them and headed to the register to check out. There was no one at the register so I waited and waited for a good five minutes maybe longer. I looked up each aisle to see if I could find someone that worked there. It had been so long that I though maybe something had happened to the cashier. Finally a guy that worked came up to the register area and yelled for "Eleanor" to come up front there is a customer at the register. I was in the first line and a guy had got behind me when this "Eleanor" made her way up to the register. When she gets up to the register, two other people walked up to the second register and she begin=s to ring them up. I politely told her that I had been standing there waiting for her to come up to the register and no one else was even in line, so she says "well you got in the wrong line" . so I said "how would I know what line to get in, shouldn't you be at the register so people can check out?" Then she says "don't tell me how to do my job", are you serious? A cashier is supposed to be at or near the register to check people out, are they not? I mean I could have totally walked out of the store with the baskets and no one would have even noticed. So she then proceeded to call the guy that had called her up to the front to ring me up, when he gets up front she says" you're going to have to ring her up, cause I'm not doing it" . Are you freaking kidding me? You are going to say that to a customer????? So I said to her "wow, that's great customer service" and she proceeded to tell me again got in the wrong line". This woman needs to lose her job immediately, I have NEVER EVER been treated or talked to like that and I am 56 years old and have worked in customer service all my life. I will NEVER step foot in that Dollar Store if she is not fired!! I am calling the store manager tomorrow and then I am calling the Corporate office and also sending the CEO and email. This is horrible and she has no right to treat any customer in this way.

  • Jz
      8th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @JZBurl This is Eleanor, THE WORST cashier EVER!! Avoid this Dollar Store!!

  • Na
      11th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dollar Tree - Job interview
    El Dorado
    United States

    Hi, my name is Natasha Peterson and I have applied for a job at Dollar tree. I was wondering if you had the time to look over my application and if so could you email me if I got the job or not. And can you email for a date and time for an interview. Please and thank you

  • Re
      12th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dollar Tree - Management
    United States

    All managers here are irresponsible and do not do there jobs right, they sit around and talk on the phone, they bring a child into work and keep it there all day with them . They hired me and havnt given me any type if hours and have not communicated with me at all. I have tried calling the head coorperate and im sent to hold . please help

  • Ma
      5th of Jan, 2019
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    Dollar Tree - Store stock and appearance
    Council Bluffs
    United States

    Council bluffs Iowa store is the worst managed. Store is never stocked with merchandise. Boxes pilled up in every aisle that you can even shop what little there is on shelves to shop. GET THIS STORE Under control for shoppers. I shopped a lot of Dollar tress through out US. Been in this one handful times. The worst ever.

  • Te
      5th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes
    Dollar Tree - store interior conditions
    Fort Worth
    United States

    the store is completely trashed and smells bad. the Halloween stuff is still out. you can't get down some of the aisles. cashier is talking on her cell phone. inventory is piled high blocking items. this is the store on hulen bend in ft worth. carts are blocking the doors. products are mismatched. some products are in the wrong aisle.

  • Do
      6th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes
    Dollar Tree - Orland Park , Illinois Dollar Tree Store manager
    15032 south La Grange Road
    Orland Park
    United States

    Your stores advertised an extended hours for the holiday... but this store #3512 refused to extend hours and the manager is telling all the customers to go somewhere else and it was only 855pm and she is closing the store already. Please don't advertise if some your stores are non- compliant with the hours. Poor service

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