Dollar Treetheft by casher on 8-9-2018; customer pay for something and forgot it and came back for it

Ok on 8-9-2018 a customer forgot some stuff he pay for at the check out stand and he came back for it but it was gone because before he came back cashier done grab it and took it outside and hand it to her son and he took it and ran off with and thin she went back in the store and started cashiering again thin customer came back in and ask where his stuff was that he forgotten and cashier lie to him and said that he didn't forget any thing but he did because I watch the hold thing happen on the date 8-9-2018 so if store recording cashier so at the recording on that date on the cashier mysti lancaster of hermiston or.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hermiston, OR 97838 dollartree store

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