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Dollar Tree / returning dishes

Cr May 14, 2015 Review updated:
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My name is craig hamilton. And i have a complain about dollar tree but first i need to say that work 15 years in retail grocery back in 1983. And customer service was first. . Dollar tree lost that. I bought dishes that were not siting flat on the table. . I bought 10 plate, 10 cup and 10 bowel. I took all this back to dollar tree for a exchange for new one. The manager told me there were no bar code sticker on the plates so they could not be return. I explain that i wash them an took the sticker. Off. So to make thing worse the manger raises her voice. So ever stop an look at me. So at this time i ask her to call the dist manger and ask if i could speak to him this return. She call but walk away so i could not hear. She came back and told me he said i could not return or get my money back. I was upset and ask for the head office phone number. And her comment to me to call the 1 - 800 number and i ask what i 800 number. So i ask her to right it down. I also ask her for my receipt back witch mad her upset even more. I went home a call the head office and they put me through to the dist manger voice no return call. So i called the head office and spoke again to customer service. She told me there nothing she can do. I told her that i should call the ceo of dollar tree and she told me that will never happen. If this is how you like to be treated them shop a dollar tree. But for me i will shop other store the care about there customer and customer service. And i will away talk about dollar tree and how they trash there customer.

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      15th of May, 2015

    Let me see, you got 10 plates for $10.00, 10 cups for $10.00, and 10 bowls for $10.00, and you are whining because they aren't perfect. I recently bought a set of 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups for $40.00. That is 16 pieces, compared to your 30 pieces for the whopping big price of $30.00. At least my set of dishes had a brand name and came nicely packed in a box. You got almost twice as many dishes for $10.00 less than I did, and still you expected perfection. I would never spend money on dishes at a dollar store. I also have a total monthly income of $700.00 a month, but I get buy and I never shop at any dollar store. Are you aware that when you type in all caps, that means you are shouting? You say you worked 15 years in retail customer service back in 1983. That must have been some accomplishment to work for 15 years in a one year time span. Actually that has nothing to do with your complaint, IF it is actually so. I really doubt that you have ever worked in customer service because of your poor spelling, and extremely poor grammar. People usually speak the way they write, and believe me, you would be extremely hard to understand and you would also sound really un-educated. When you shop at dollar stores, you get what you pay for. I bet there isn't another dollar store that would honor your request for that many dishes for that cheap of price.

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