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Ti Dec 02, 2018 Greenville, SC Review updated:

I went shopping at the Dollar Tree in Greenville South Carolina store 1504 Cherrydale Plaza I started feeling uncomfortable as I was shopping went over and over again I'd already heard something about security scan well after shopping a a few minutes longer I felt someone staring at me I looked behind me where they registers are and this lady with a big red shirt on who was an employee was just standing there with her hand on her hip staring at me made me feel like a fool so then I proceeded to ask her why she was following me because I had nothing to steal I don't need Dollar Trees stuff that bad that I work for my money I'm in the line and another employee comes up to me and jerks my buggy slept out of my hand with my mom's things and it is well also my wallet and told us to leave the store causing a big scene that is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life that was embarrassing as can be to think that someone would accuse me of stealing because that's the worst thing anybody can do to me I was very uncomfortable I felt very humiliated and so did my mother because she weren't wasn't able to purchase her items and so we just need something done about this because that store right there is the most awful store I have ever been in my entire life and I go to or Dollar Tree all the time and I've never felt so belittled

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  •   Dec 02, 2018

    The employee did her job, but if you were rude or had an attitude, she calmed down the situation by removing you.

    “Hi, why are you watching me so closely?” in a sweet voice
    “Why the [censored] are you followin’ me? I dint steal nuttin’”

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