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I went to take a visitor from Boston Ma to visit the location on Campwisdom last nite about 8:30Pm to pick up some last min things that she needed, as we walk around the store we accidentally knock one of the ornaments off the shelf and we were just kidding around with each other saying if we break we buy, so the rude manager walks up with a attitude and said you right if you break you will buy and with the attitude in her voice i told her i'm not going to pay for nothing and the killing part about it the item didnt break and the attitude she had was terrible for her to be in management, so when i made the comment i'm not paying for a dam thing she said you can get out the store, first of all she shouldnt have came to me with that attitude managers with that type of attitude dont need management positionSee Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TX. so me and my visitor took among ourself to leave the store before it got ugly but will never shop their again.

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  • Ka
      Jun 19, 2009

    you're a ###. what the hell does this have to do with scamming? go complain somewhere else. lol, you were probally being an ###, thats why.

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  • Ef
      Feb 05, 2011

    It doesn't take much to become a shift manager there; I wish customers would understand that. I'm learning that the hard way. Just don't shop there anymore. I still have yet to see what any of the complaints actually do to a store or employee. Seems like it's a waste of time, unfortunately. Dollar Tree is happy that they can keep employees so it seems employees who have worked there for a few years or more get some "privileges" (for lack of better words). If it wasn't for my store manager, I'd be gone; he's awesome but there is little he can do about his shift managers who have been there for years. (They get away with a lot).

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