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Dolgencorp / Dollar General / wrongful termination

1 894 N. NOVA RDDaytona Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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Hello, my name is rashekia cross and I am a former employee of the dollar general store #1350 in fla. I was wrongfully terminated for a customer check not having the sufficient funds. My mistake was that instead of tendering the check in as a check I put it in as cash. The amount was $332.10, I immediately alerted my m. O. D. Toni robinson and she absolutely did nothing about the situation. It is funny that I now know toni as the assistant manager should have made done a transaction void and had me to re-ring the merchandise over again while the customer was still right there in the store. Toni was not written up/terminated but I was. What's wrong with this scenario? Mr. Rick dreling needs to know about this personally. Also, I know even though she is a asst. Manager the principle should still stand that what's right is right and wrong is wrong & fair is fair. If I was terminated than she needs to be terminated as well. I honestly deserve to have my job back and all these set ups / sabotaging other employees needs to cease. Jealousy is rotteness to the bones. So in the words of tony montana "every dog has there day". Ms. Toni robinson yours is coming!!! Please feel free to leave comments or a mssge on this screwed up situation. Thank you!!

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  • Dg
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    first off anyone who works for dollar general should know that your not suppose to take a check over $150.00 dollars and if it is $50.00 or more always get the M.O.D's approval this would have saved all the hassle and the termination of an employee ..but i do agree that the M.O.D should have fixed the problem because it was fixable, that just shows lack of caring for the store and the employee.

  • To
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    6 weeks after quitting the dollar store, in pinetop, az., i have yet to recieve any monies from them.. i have repeatedly contacted hrs, and the former store manager, only to learn my former store manager insists i come to him, .. to sign for my check, and to converse about any problems i may be expeiricing. (( i wont, and he still has my payroll in his office safe)) the hrs dept. says i need not sign for it, and they will reissue and mail my check asap. as of today, they continue to repeat themselves, and i have not recieved anything. tommorow will be 7 weeks. i contacted a team of attorneys earlier today.. what a shameful way to treat people who dont lie, cheat, or steal.

  • Ca
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    i recently bought "EVER PET" dog snacks for my dog at dollar general, they contain peanut flour and peanutbutter paste from the blakely georgia plant, they are just now pulling their product from the shelves but have not bothered to put out a press release.they are justn as guilty as stuart parnell.they covered up that they had a contaminated product on their shelves.

  • Te
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    Is you dog okay? Your comment didn't indicate if your dog ingested these treats. I sure hope all is well. Seems retailers are increasingly lax about pet recalls. I once had an issue with an error on a prescription for my pet, it nearly killed him. I checked everywhere for legal support, but came up empty handed. It's sad but currently, there is not much recourse when it comes to pets and losses thereof. However, DollarTree is guilty of selling a known recall and you should be entitled to reimbursement for;
    Vetrinary Bills
    A full refund for the products
    Anything soiled or destroyed due to your pets illness should be professionally cleaned or replaced
    God forbid if your pet died as a result of this, Dollartree should reimburse you for the cost of your pet (cold but true)

    Believe me, I love animals and hate that this sort of thing is just brushed off like a recall on a coloring book with misspelled words.

  • Te
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    As a former Retail Manager, I can tell you first-hand that you may have got a bad deal. Also, if they suspected you of accepting bad checks, I would feel safe assuming that they saw this as an opportunity to terminate you. Your manager should have followed the rules when you made her aware of it; especially since you brought it to her attention. Unless... the customer had already left the store with the merchandise. If the customer was still in the store, at the register and your manager refused your call for help that is the manager's fault; you should raise hell.

    I would suggest filing for unemployment; most states will still award it to you if you were terminated.

    This is what happened to you; The customer wrote the check, you entered it as cash and put it in the drawer and the customer left with the merchandise and receipt. Your manager ignored your request for help.

    If I were to guess, here's what your manager may have suspected ...
    The customer wrote a bad check
    You took the check and entered it as cash (your bank deposit total will be correct although the the cash and check amounts will differ, the total will be the same.
    Now the customer can leave the store with a receipt and the merchandise and can return the merchandise for cash at another store.
    If the store has had previous disparities in bank deposits and NSF checks; she may have been looking for the cause.

    If this manager has shown jaded or unfair performance reviews on you in the past, you should collect any documentation on your reviews and protest her decision to upper management. She may be acting on a personal basis for some reason. If she is, that is 100% unacceptable and possibly illegal.

    Good Luck.

  • De
      25th of Jul, 2014
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    i am delores walden and i shop at the dollar general in cusseta ga and have always had a pleasant time in the store but today i went and bought a dollar pack of battries and a dollar insence and i gave the cashier a 10.00 bill and she gave me a 1.83 back i got to the door went threw the door counting and looking at my reciet i came right back in and handed her the reciet and change back and told her my reciet said i gave her 10.00 and she should have gave me 7 something but then the maneger vickie said we haveta count the drawer so i waited and then she said well her drawer, s not over well all i can say is she had to put it in her pocket or what ever but i should not be out my money i live on disability and iam gonna report them to the local news trouble shooters cause they would not give me my money i would have called the police but they would say its a civil matter and i ant got money to take ya, ll too court but everyone i9n cusseta will know about this if iam not sent my 7.42 back my # 706-890-8002 my whole family shops there and we will go some where else if not solved

  • De
      25th of Jul, 2014
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    the cahier straight up lied about her admiting to me yes i did give u the wrong change she changed her attitude when the maneger told her the drawer wasent over sayying she never told me she made a mistake i just should not be out my 7 doallars and some change

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