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Now, I have almost $300 in extra costs I pay out of my pocket because of shoddy work to meet a promised deadline – yes, Dobbs gave me new tires but broke my sensors when remounting my tires! The Brentwood (BW) store recommended that I get all new tires because my alignment was bad and had worn down two tires with the others also needing replacement "soon". I questioned how soon "soon" was and my specialized and expensive run flats tires were not in-stock for my Lexus. Dobbs said would get it done that day if I agreed to replace all four tires but would have to wait another day if I wanted only two tires replaced so they helped "rush" my decision. I went ahead and approved all four and was called later that evening around 6pm that they would finish at 7pm. I arrived just after 7pm and waited and waited. Finally, they finished around 8:30pm; note that the store is supposed to close at 8pm - the store manager kept going back to the tech working on the car to see how much longer it would take numerous times so that poor technician was undoubtedly rushed and my tires are not easy to mount and are extremely sensitive. I wished they would have just admitted that I could not have my car that day and they wrongly estimated. Instead, my tire indicator light continued to stay on despite multiple visits to Dobbs without success, so I took it to the dealer. The dealer said that these sensors on my car are extremely sensitive and they see this problem a lot when unspecialized techs work on these sports cars. The problem was, the first sensor was outright broken immediately but the second one was cracked so that sensor took a little longer to detect. I gave Dobbs more than nine (9) opportunities (and that is more than 20 hours worth) to find and correct the problem but they could not so I went to the dealer so I could spend my time doing something more productive than sit in the waiting room or at home. One store is pointing at another store for not sending me back to the original store, the other store is saying they are one company and did not need to send me back, the corporate office wants the dealer to write a statement on their company letterhead stating that Dobbs and only Dobbs broke my sensors for their legal department to review (which there are basically only two ways to break these sensors per the dealer like they are broken and one is during mounting the tires and the other is to continually ram my car into a wall or something and you would see other damage if I did the latter).


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  • Th
      28th of Mar, 2010

    Hope you got it straightened out. No company wants to pay for extra repairs. They think they can push people over. Those TPMS parts are expensive.

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  • Le
      20th of May, 2010

    I am the techician at the Lexus dealer that looked at this car. Actually it was bad electronics inside the sensors and this was explained to her by our dealership. We checked it several times and came to the conclusion that Dobbs MAY have damaged the first one, which they paid for. A month or so later the light came back on and another sensor had gone bad (long after they installed the tires) and she wanted them to pay for another because they are so expensive. In my opinion Dobbs did more than they had to and much more than most tire places would.

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