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I have been dropped shipping products for while and that it might be an easier way of finding these products with one supplier. So I came across this company doba. Signed up for the free trial by then I had a leave town for a while. When I was out of town I start receiving phone calls from them saying that they give me a great deal at 199 for a year and I can cancel at anytime and get my money back if I do not like the services. I told him that I look at it when home they said that they could just charge the card they have on file not to worry that I could cancel this any time. When I finally take a look at their products and find out the truth that they have only non-brand-name junk and if it has a brand-name the shipping and handling cost brings you so far of the market is not worth it. To sell any of their stuff it will cost you money not make even one penny.the shipping and handling cost average anywhere from 10 to 20%. And when you call them to cancel the service is a nightmare.they will transfer you quite a few times and leave your hold for a long time. when you finally get through to somebody they will tell you they do not have returned your money and to refer to their webpage cancellation policy which is hidden in the site map saying there is no refunds even though their high pressure sales department will tell you the opposite. All they are looking for is to make a higher sale and steal money from you. Do yourself a favor and do not involve with these ### they are truly are leeches on society.

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  • Jo
      Feb 01, 2010

    I agree 100% Doba has ripped me off of their $199 membership and will not & has not refunded me for the unauthorized charge. They are scam artists. Nothing they offer can be had at your local brick & mortar store or online for less.

    I originally signed up for the Free Trial but was charged for a full year membership.

    Doba stock nothing and Overstock is one of their suppliers which is usually always OUT OF STOCK on the item you wish to purchase. Stay away or you will be very disappointed!

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  • Br
      Apr 15, 2010

    Doba is the biggest peice of crap I have ever tried. There prices are high, but the worst of all is their trial period sucks you in and doesn't let you quit. I spoke with someone on the phone at Doba and expressed that I would like to quit their service, he to told me I had to go on line in order to do this. I did the next day, well guess what, I got a bill from them for $59.95 I guess I didn't cancel properly, and it gets better, by the time I found out I didn't cancel properly another billling cycle had ended so Pow another $59.95. They have it on record of my intensions to quit during a phone conversation, they know that I have not logged onto their website to use the service, and yet they refuse to refund any money. They won't even let me talk to a manager.
    Use Doba at your own risk.


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  • Ba
      Aug 31, 2010

    DO NOT GIVE DOBA YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! They will keep charging your credit card even after you cancel and will not credit back no matter how blue in the face you get. Literally they don't care about their customers or if they ever come back. I feel very STUPID to fall for this SCAM! Doba owner is laughing all the way to the bank. Doba said their terms will not allow to credit back credit cards no matter what the problem, rather system fault are not. WATCH OUT! DOBA TERMS ARE A SCAM! I had to close my credit card to stop the automation charges. Doba doesn't care about anything else but tricking you into the $59.95 a month membership fee or better yet get you for the yearly fee. Doba will harass you by phone everyday until you give in.

    Doba products are very high priced and already at retail. Ebay sellers already have the same products selling on Ebay for less money then what Doba has. How could that be? it's because these sellers on Ebay are going direct to the manufactures/suppliers. You can contact them direct and get the same deal Doba gets and make 100% profit. Doba's game/SCAM is not the products but the membership fee. Doba doesn't care about customer service or if their customers EVER come back. Business school's 1st RULE is to keep customers coming back by keeping them Happy and interested. My take on all this is who ever thought up Doba has NO EDUCATION what so ever and why would you want to do business with someone like this that has no clue how to run a REAL business. He only knows how to SCAM people out of their money. Good business people don't do this!

    Look at all the complaints on the internet. If you search Google you will find 1000's of complaints on the internet and to think about all the people that got ripped off that didn't write a complaint review. I was stupid to try the free trial and get scammed into it by their harassing phone calls. Please don't fall for it. Please make my stupid mistake a lesson not to fall for it. As for the owner, manager and the two employees on Doba staff. HOW CAN YOU HURT PEOPLE LIKE THIS! SHAME ON YOU! I WILL BE NOTIFYING THE "SHAME ON YOU" TV NEWS ABOUT THIS SCAM.

    Hopefully this complaint will help others to make a smart choice and stay away from Doba. FAR AWAY! Don't even give Doba your telephone number for more information because they will hunt you down and brain wash you with NONSENSE! Don't believe what these people tell you. A COMPLETE SCAM! You will not make any money but lose money! Believe all the complaints you read... it's all true. Don't believe the positive reviews because the Doba employees write those to throw you off and keep their jobs. TERRIBLE!

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  • Cr
      Mar 17, 2011

    I agree completely!!! This is a Terrible company with no integrity. They are only looking for a quick buck. They ripped me off. Stay away!!!

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