Disney Worldcustomer service

I've gone to Disneyland & Disney World 5-8 times in my life & the magic is gone. It is no longer the Happiest Place in Earth & it is all because of the employees I met on this trip, could care less if you are enjoying yourself or not. I understand that it is a JOB to them, that they are hot, bored & over it, but for the amount of money it costs to go here, I could purchase an airline ticket, hotels & food in Hawaii for a week !!! & I live on the East coast.

It's a Small World's exit walls like they have NEVER been replaced.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Manassas, VA Fans to circulate the air or water misters are needed badly in all wait lines, visitors could care less about common courtesy, and the gouging, security intrusions (bage checks etc) make me think I've signed up for prison rather than fun entertainment.

Believe me I wanted to have fun & revisit a park that held fond memories with my teenage daughter, but the Magic Kingdom has started to feel like poorly kept carnival rather than the family entertainment that Walt Disney put his heart & soul into.

Sadly, I've come to the decision to spend my money where I found the employees helpful & happy. Where they allow me to bring my food & drinks into the parks ...Universal Studios Not to waste my money here again.

I'll just have to enjoy the movies & my memories of the good old days.

Jun 25, 2018

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