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recently called to inquire about going on another Disney trip because of a new promotional plan and I spoke with 2 representatives on the phone on 2 separate occasions and both were less than magical. When I used to call the Disney World number (407) W-Disney the people made you feel special and made you look forward to your visit and even made suggestions for places to eat and attractions to visit. Now it's as if they can't wait to get you off the phone and act as if you're bothering them. They get paid to do this, if you don't like your job, leave. I thought it was just my experience until speaking with friends who also called and got the same response. I'm not sure if Disney is outsourcing their call center, but they really need to reevaluate their employees and make sure that everyone is meeting the Disney standard. That is unless there is no Disney standard anymore. I have spent thousands upon thousands of my hard earned dollars on Disney vacations and would expect to be treated with respect. I really feel that if Disney doesn't do something to fix this problem, consumers are going to look elsewhere for vacation destinations. After the experience I incurred on the phone I actually told my husband that I wasn't really feeling Disney this year and began to research other destinations. In all of my years I have never wanted to go anywhere except Disney, but they have really ruined the magic for me.

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  • Jo
      Apr 14, 2008

    You need to grow up.

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  • Wi
      Jul 29, 2008

    disney is pretty evil nowadays... i was getting spammed, faxed, and telemarketed from firms flogging disney vacations and the disney folks were not helpful at all when i called...

    besides, who can afford $75+ just to get in for a day? outrageous prices!

    no wonder most folks go to Busch Gardens instead of Mouseville!

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  • Ne
      Jan 20, 2010

    The only thing I can think of is that Disney probably cut down on their phone staff. I have never encountered a problem talking to Disney on the phone. However, I do know that many (probably most) repeat visitors to Disney register for their trip online now. The only time to really call anymore is to make reservations for certain shows/restaurants. I would suggest that should you call again and find another Grumpy person, contact their Guest Relations and let them know the name of the person and when you called. They can handle that situation for you.

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