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Disney World is a joke.Happiest place on earth, I hate to see unhappy place.I took my wife and 6 month old boy.He somehow lost his shoes and I was threaten on more than 1 occasion to have security called on me if I did not leave park and go get him more shoes.It would have taken 4 hours to exit park, exit monorail, exit parking lot, drive back to hotel and return and go back through all the lines.But my fast pass was still 6 hours away so I guess I could have made it, huh.All because a baby 6 months old had no shoes.Guess he would cut open his foot walking through the park at 6 months...

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  • thanks for letting us know...planned a trip down there this summer and my 2 yr old takes her shoes off all the time...its a baby thing...they just lost my business...ty

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  • Je
      Apr 08, 2009

    I am so surprised at this.. My girls and I and 3 other people were at Disney over the March break and had trouble getting connected to the people we were with.. waited hours for them and they weren't there.. but when we complained and yes even cried about it.. they were so helpful and courteous.. we got vip passes for shows and fast passes for rides.. 3 .. and even ice cream for all of us.. and there were 6 of us altogether!!!.. their support made our day even better.. my suggestion.. cry.. look like you're not having fun.. really cry.. and be upset.. sad upset.. and you will be listened to and taken care of... they have so much in place for that

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  • Thats good... Maybe u ran into the good least a postive outcome for you and with kids all we want to do is make them happy =]...My oldest is wanting to go bad and we told her that we would make it possible...We had a very sick child 2 yrs ago and we wanted to make sure they were accomidating cause thats whats most imporatant!ty

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  • omg! Jason u dont have kids and with this attitude I dont think u will...are u stalking me on here every post I have made u have made a comment! grrrrr

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  • Bu
      Apr 09, 2009

    Looks like all crying to me. Have you ever looked at the scale of this park, they were only trying to protect their interest and keep people loke u from feable law suet. Rediculous lie. Been there and could make 20 trips to my off location hotel in 4 hours...wipe up your tears

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  • Jason Jason Jason there my friend u are very wrong! I have to prove nothing to you other then once more benfit of the doubt your SSI check is late =]...get a real job u low life ### ... I dont sue anyone ###...My kids are well taking care of far as trailor trash damn I wish maybe I wouldnt have a 1200 house payment a month once more giving you the benefit of the doubt I wish karma on you and yes I know who my kids fathers are ty 1 of them is dead... So heres a little note to u ###... who are u to judge when life isnt going your way u try to make others feel doesnt work!

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  •   Apr 10, 2009

    Can't we all get along

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  • Jason umm why isnt your parents montering your inet i chk my kids laptops daily and if they ever spoke like u did they would be 35 an still grounded!!! Some ppl wonder why socitey is messed up parents dont care what there kids get into!

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  • Sa
      Jun 25, 2009

    Why didn't you buy your kid shoes at the park? And just so you know, it is a health code violation in Florida to not wear shoes in certain public places. It's not Disney, it's the law.

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  • Fa
      Nov 10, 2011

    Zack, it's called trolling. No one would openly admit to doing those things if they actually did them.

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  • Fa
      Nov 10, 2011

    Well if that is the truth it just shows up how society is messed up as she claims. However I don't think a child can become autistic from shaken baby syndrome. I doubt that she is a mother and I think Brittney, Dekata and Maddie are just friends of hers or made up names. However if her story is true it is possible she did shake her baby and blamed the ex husband. There has been a case where the "mother" did shake a healthy baby and blamed the husband. The husband loving the wife took the blame and admitted to a crime he never committed so she would not get into trouble. Instead of being thankful this person posted his picture on facebook, youtube, and myspace, and twitter saying he did it to the child when it was really she who shook the child in the first place. She not only let him take the blame but thanked him for taking the blame by posting his picture everywhere, and her own friends(friends of them both) told the truth. She was a party woman, who was not ready for children. Her child will always be like a five month old.

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  • Di
      Aug 04, 2016
    Disney World - They dont care
    United States

    #1 We purchased annual passed thru their ezpay program and there are 4 of us so it was 424.00 down then 136.00 a month. we went to the first park which was Typhoon Lagoon and was told our tickets we blocked because we didn't make our first payment. So in the fine print (and it is my own fault because I didn't read it) said the 1st payment is due within 24 hours? So shouldn't the down payment really be $560.00? Anyway with me not knowing that I had spent my money on a hotel because I had family from Boston here so and my money was tight. Anyway the Disney refused to do anything for us so I was turned away at the gate. Embarrassed as my family from Boston went in and me and my family had to go home. Disney was very unsympathetic. They sounded like robots I'm sorry for your inconvenience but there is nothing we can do.
    #2 We go back to the water park this Saturday and I am told we cant enter as we do not have Premium Passes-just annual passes. So I asked if they could upgrade me and they said no sorry there is nothing we can do but if you want to pay the difference in full which is $511.20 we can allow you in today. I asked if they could just include in my easy pass program and they said I'm sorry there is nothing we can do and sorry for your inconvenience. So again we were turned away.Now as big as Disney is I can not believe there is nothing they can do. I really feel that they are too big for their britches. They don't care about us little people. Unfortunately I am in a contract and I will conclude this contract however I will NEVER do this again with them.

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