Disney World1st visit ever

First visit ever to Disney ended up to be a disaster!I never went as a child myself so my goal was to get my kids to Disney one day!

Middle class family experienced a lay off and job changes for past few years still was trying to find a way before my kids got too grown for certain things. Saved for a year got to Disney and the 1st day my daughter got terrible sick over 103 fever vomiting body aches. So I stayed in hotel room with her for days to take care of her then my son couple days later got the high fever. And remember this is our first time ever at Disney so we asked if we could get refunded for the park tickets not being used due to something we couldn't control.

They said No. So then my husband asked if the could possibly be transferred to someone else. NO! I get it your a business but not greedy!

It's still a paid for ticket so why can't we make sure it gets used some how???!!! I'm heartbroken and feel defeated.

We added an extra day in case they feel better to use a park ticket they said we have to switch rooms.So now my sick 6 and 9 year old will have to be moved from one room and wait in the van for hours till the next room is available!

Mar 03, 2016

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