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Disney / Wrong message

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Ok, First it was the ill behaviour of Lilo in "Lilo and Stitch" 4 year old would walk up to people and kick them and yell "you big dummy" at the time other then being mortified I was also very confused..we do NOT kick people or call them names in our home..The only channel my child watches alone is the Disney Channel..he also watches the Wiggles and The Doodle we had no idea where he was picking up his bad day I was putting up laundry and as I walked through the livingroom toward his room I was appaled to see Lilo kick someone and yell "you big dummy" I quickly turned off the tv and sent my child into his room to play..that evening we had a long talk with him about hitting people and calling them names..his response "Lilo does it" I contacted the Disney channel and was basically told it was up to me to monitor my childs shows..sorry, but when I was little that wasn't neccassary when I said Mommy I want to watch Disney she said "ok sweety" I never picked up bad habits nor did I put my hands on another person while imitating what I watched on the original Mother knew Disney was a decent show and would not teach me bad habits..excuse me for expecting the same thing of the new Disney Channel!! I informed them my Son would no longer be watching "Lilo and Stitch" took me two months to stop him from kicking people and yelling "you big dummy!"

My next complaint is with the new "Tinkerbell" movie..when my Son saw the previews he wanted the movie..I admit as a huge Tinkerbell fan I also wanted the movie..a few days ago we sat down together and watched it and I was horrified with one single scene in the's right after Tinkerbell creats her signature look ie: the cute little green dress..I felt the two male faries reaction to her in that dress was not something small children male or female should see..their eyes bugged out and all they could do was stutter as the camera slowly panned down Tinkerbells length..this I fear teaches young boys to treat girls as a piece of meat and teaches girls they have to dress alluring and sexy to get noticed!!Sadly they needlessly added sex into a very cute movie the storyline was wonderful, but that one scene ruined it all for my son openly makes comments at every female he sees..granted it's nothing dirty, but the way he says it makes them look at me funny..Thank you Disney for helping my Son become a rude offensive little boy..guess we will stick to the old Disney releases also the Doodlebops and the Wiggles..Disney you have definitely taught my family a few lessons!


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