DISH Internet Service / egregious cancellation fee

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Signed an adhesion contract for 2 yr satellite dish service for internet service only. DISH represented that they have a good viable satellite service for internet in my area of the country. But the internet service was slow to very slow all the time. Inspite of many calls to complain about this slow service and tech help to troubleshoot the problem. the problem persisted over the first 2 months (roughly) of service (November/December 2014). The slow speed continues on. Due to slow speed, more time must be spent on internet to get my farm business work done on internet thus leading to excessive time on internet and a mandatory DISH action for placing my service on even slower speed. Ample opportunity was provided to DISH to solve this slow internet speed (I have had many internet providers in past years going back to 1990s and the speed has been acceptable except for this DISH satellite service. After these past 2 months, I called DISH and cancelled this service. They want to charge $385 for early cancellation via small print on their adhesion contract. They have not performed in providing adequate speed for the internet. It is their fault that their satellite system is not providing satisfactory speed. And a cancellation is warranted. The cancellation fee is egregious and I dispute that amount.

Jan 22, 2015

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