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Erik Knights is nothing more than a ‘dirt genarator'. Most of the slanderous links are invalid. Erik Knight is paid to to rank at the top of search engines in order to slander the intended target. Most (okay ALL) of Erik and Hailey Knights business ventures have failed, come under scrutiny and investigation. Erik Knight has a Dirt Search profile and as you can imagine, it's clean a possible. Although I am not a Most Wanted felon or child predator, Dirt Search reports that I am. The 1 emplyee (Erik) is deeply disturbed and hurting for money due to his Sompke swan and ComVoice catastrophes. The cyber criminals/ cyber security "fakes" he runs with are quite dangerous people. Just beneath the cover of offensive slander, is a cyber crime world one hasn't yet imagined.

Erik Knight is dangerous. He defames the innocent and unsuspecting. The more unique the name the better his criminally defaming campaign works.

Erik Knight thinks about me a lot because he frequently updates my fake criminal profile.
The saddest part of all of his criminal behavior is that he gets away with it. He knows how and law enforcement is generally lazy. This coupled with his rouse of being a (very unqualified, non-credentialed) cyber security expert is nauseating as well as laughable. Erik Knigh has a creepy call center set up in the Philippines.

Ones to watch.
Erik Knight.
Bennett Kelley
Michael Roberts (Rexxfield Associates)
Roberts may be the most dangerous of them all:m. Finding his brides online, claims of being a Christian (l-o-l) not standing by his wife? Obsessing over reviews and articles.
He's a guy who, although his wife is serving a prisone sentence, you get the feeling that something doesn't add up. No she wasn't perfect, but... he is darkness. An avenger of nothing. How weak could you be to continuously attempt to take away people's rights to speak their mind, how can that bother you? What are his credentials? What schools? Who authorized him to be in charge of reputations? His is terrible. It's his own fault too!
It's truly weird that another man is dead, his ex-wife is serving time ( she did shoot) and he is now afraid of her. I somehow think that his victimhood is imagined if not invented.
Oh Michael l, it's an opinion okay. Don't soak your diaper!!!

Bennet Kelley ditto! Bennet Kelley doesn't even want real cases. His call to action? Silence the truth. Isn't that the Devils job too? These men aren't right. There are far more important things to do with ones life than hide behind VPN and cloudflare and depend on disgraced attorneys for your next meal. Shame! I won't tell you to get a life. You can live through me if you must.

Dec 07, 2018

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