Directed ElectronicsViper vehicle remote start/security system

Had a viper security system/remote start installed in my brand new dodge 1500 truck. Thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Price seemed reasonable and it worked like a charm for a couple of years. Had no complaints until i had a problem and had to contact them - you cant contact them. They are a large diverse company with several divisions and no human to speak to. The first problem was that my subscription ran out and viper stopped working. I had paid for a 3 year service and it just stopped. I could no find a customer service number and, in desperation, contacted these #### by email. Days later they responded saying that my subscription expired. How about sending me a reminder to pay my bill. Nooooo... Just let it expire, have the customer try and trouble shoot the problem and communicate by email. How #### up ??? I paid and turned the service back on and then it started acting funny like asking me to re - login every time i opened the app - which it never did before. Now the app wont even open and verizon said its not their problem - contact viper good #### luck - u cant speak to a human - just send emails back and forth trying to solve the problem. Stay away from viper and directed electronics - they absolutely suck - you'll be wasting your money.

Jan 30, 2017

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