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Direct TV / contract? bad service?

1 205 Ceniso Circle, Spring Branch, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 210-913-4999

Moved into a new home last April, called Directv (unfortunately).Installer came, installed satellite dish (wrong one-not HD), had to go get the correct HD dish. Installed and I signed what I thought was the "work order". Have been so dissatisfied with the service, channels, pricing, etc. Have tried to end contract, am told when I signed "work order" signed a 2 year contract. I would never do that kind of thing knowingly. Will cost stupid dollars to get out of contract. After beng told by local people that they didn't know where I could get a copy of my signed contract and being told they have no information for their corporate office, even though I asked where the customer service people get their payroll checks from (and was told, "I just cash them, I don't look at them"), I then got off the floor and recovered from my laughing fit. I then researched and found the corporate office in Segundo, CA. After 4 hours total through to the corporate office
NOTE THE NUMBER: [protected]. Their address is: 2230 East Imperial Highway, El Segundo, CA [protected] and the President & Chief Executive Officer is Chase Carey, Executive Vice President is Bruce B. Churchill, Executive Vice President of Legal is Larry D. Hunter. On the Board of Directors is a past CEO of Verizon, a Executive Vice President of Freddie Mac, a retired Senior Officer of Citigroup and the Chairman and CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb. Very interesting for future possible class action suits! I talked with some "executive secretary"..she said they "do not archive the "work order" which is only thing I signed. I asked then how do they know I have anything. She said the installer tells me that the contract and terms are on the back of the work order. I said that never happened, she said well, it did. I said I guess you are telling me that I am lying...She then said, well, "it's also a verbal contract"...I pressed for a hard copy of signed "work order/contract"...was told I can't get one because they don't have it! I ended my conversation because it was obvious they don't know anything at their corporate office either.
HUMMMMM, am thinking, this does make me think a class action suit might be up for the doing. I will not pay to get out of a contract I never signed, they have no "proof of purchase" and I will encourage everyone who might read this to talk to someone at corporate office and tell everyone they know...don't get DIRECTV!
I will give back equipment, they can sue me...or whatever...and I will also pursue legal action.

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  • Ji
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Hey i signed up with directv 7 years ago and last year i actually had a receiver that broke on me and as i called them up to replace it, they replaced it with no problem. Now little did i know they snagged me in a another 2 year contract and upd my bill every month!!! I tried to cancel but i would of had to pay 450 cancelation fee. What a bunch of scams. Their whole company is based on illegal practices. Go with comcast for cable where there is no contracts! But directv is the biggest scams out there.

  • Je
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    Directv has shown to be nothing but a company of ill-repute--what joke. I am a new customer, and so regretful I left Cox. The service has been spotty--actually OUT for 48 hours now--and I live in California with great weather! The real issue I have with this company is it's poor customer services. Total run-around every time I call, and I am basically a prisoner of Directv--unless I pay the hefty early cancellation fees--for another 22 months. (But who's counting!) Given my experience to-date I will be surprised if the company is even around for that long--I would NEVER trust them again. I'm locked in, and I can't watch a single television in my home right now. I consider that a breach of contract.

  • Du
      9th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm going through the same thing right now. I've had Directv for the past 5 years and worked for them the past 4 as both a HSP installer ( the guys driving the vans around) and as of just last year my own sub-contracted company. When i started my own installation company i had them switch me from an employee account to a regular customer account and the first thing i asked the girl on the phone was if i was being put in a contract. Now i don't mind if i was because i was happy with the service and any problems occur i could fix or replace equipment myself, i was just asking because if i was starting a contract then i wanted the same perks they were giving to new customers, i.e. discounted bill the first year and free movie channels for 90 days. The girl on the phone assured me i was not entering a contract, turns out she she was blowing smoke up my A$$. Not only were they putting me in a contract but last may when my DVR went out, i replaced it with one from my inventory and when i activated it and deactivated the old one they restarted my think that maybe they would want to take care of someone who is the "face" of their company. We will see how it all plays out as i'm on hold right now for the past 45 minutes

  • An
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    they dont care i work at the call center, if you want to cancel no penalty tell them you or your spouse is being deployed to germany for military, they will waive your early cancellation fee with no proof required

  • Ka
      11th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Anyone wishing to actually speak to someone is the Presidents Office, Mike White, they need to call (310) 533-5000 and don't push any buttons. Just may take a few minutes for someone to actually answer the phone at the Main Switch Board, but if you're like I, a few more minutes as opposed to the endless hours I've spent being jerked around by the uneducated, ignorant, and rude call center operators as well as their Extremely Rude Call Center Supervisors from all over the world, a few more minutes will be a welcome change. O.K. any ways, wait until a switchboard operator answers then ask to speak to: "THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT" which is Mr. Mike White. Now although Mr. Mike White's office is actually in the corporate headquarters in California, and you're being routed to Idaho, the call center you're going to be connected to is actually the call center for "The Office Of The President!!!" The person who answers the phone is a call center agent, and has quite a bit of authority . But as with any employee they too have a supervisor. I had the great pleasure of speaking with a Wonderful, Kind, and EXTREMELY Helpful girl named Dacia. She was extremely apologetic and immediately handled all my concerns. Just out of pure shock that it was so easy..I asked to speak with her supervisor, who happened to be, Lauren just to check that everything Dacia just informed me was accurate. It was all as stated, and again I thanked her as well. Now by pure sheer endlessness persistence of calling dozens of numbers after dozens of numbers from their directory and asking hundreds of literally hundreds of people for such an office, I finally stumbled, again by pure luck or persistence, upon the correct number (310) 533-5000 and was sent right over to the proper place. Just to make certain that it wasn't a one time fluke and that it would never happen again, I tried calling the number again and again and asked for the "Office Of The President" and each time I got an operator at the Office Of The President!!! So Good Luck and I Truly Hopes This Helps!!!

  • Hm
      19th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I was also put into an illegal contract with directTV. We paid our tax to the government. There should be a lawsuit aganist this type illegal action.

  • Ns
      19th of Mar, 2011
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    Directv is an awful company. The main reason why I canceled was because EVERY time I called to find out why my bill was incorrect I would be told the wrong information. I would literally say well shouldnt it be this..and the rep would say hold on... put me on hold for 15 minutes come back and say ok your right. This one time I called to find out why my bill was incorrect and this guy who could not speak english answered, every question I asked he asnwered me with something irelevant. He wound up disconnecting the call. I called back 2 minutes later spoke with a girl who told me the exact opposite of everything he told me, I asked why was he telling me the things he was saying and she got real nasty with me saying, I dont know why! When I went to cancel the end of february I had a fee of 140. I called to see if it could be waived because if they could pull every call i have had to make they would understand my frustrations, the supervisor I spoke with said ok after a hesitation and said I would have the 140 fee waived and just needed to pay the remaining balance of 35. I went ahead and mailed a check for the balance, I went to look at my bank statement today and saw that directv charged my credit card without my knowledge on 3/17 for 176.56 and the check I mailed them for 35 also cleared on 3/17. Tell me that is ok?! No, so I obviously tried to call them and explain that I was told I needed to pay 35 and my 140 fee would be waived, apparently they had no record of that, my [censor] they didnt. I used to work in a call center. I said to transfer me to a supervisor- he said the same thing that it just says I requested it to be waived not that he actually did it. So than he said there was no way he could find out the name of the supervisor I spoke with or the call center he was from, I doubt that. Than he said the only way I can have that call listened to is if I MAIL A LETTER to the corporate office. I got so frustrated I hung up. I than called back, spoke with a regular rep who told me I wouldnt be able to have my call listened to, she told me there is an id # for the supervisor I canceled service with but doesnt know how to figure out which call center he was from or his name, than told me that my cancel fee would be waived if i join again, HAH- NEVER! I proceeded to tell her that its funny shes saying I cant do anything about this and that my fee is my fee and I had to pay it, when I told her what I was told earlier today by a supervisor- that I can have a call pulled I would just need to mail a letter to corporate- she changes her story and says well yes you can do that. Why is every rep at directv mentally challenged? They contradict themselves all the time, I think theyre training consists of- act like you know what youre talking about. To end this nightmare she finally gives me an address for corporate office and tells me it is po box 6550 greenwood village colorado 80155. I looked online and saw that the corp ofc is in segundo california. Did she give me an incorrect address? That would put the cherry on top of all this! How is a letter being mailed going to do anything- they will never answer me. I will have to talk to my lawyer about this and see how I need to send the letter if he needs to do it because I have never had so much difficulty with a company before. I am so frustrated! The phone number that is online for directv's corp office- is it possible to contact them that way? Will they talk to me about this concern or will they tell me I need to talk to th customer call center? If I have to call them 1 more time I amm going to flip out! Do not sign up with Directv, the tv isnt worth it. When it rains or snows( when people would want to watch tv, you dont have it).

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