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[Resolved] Digestaqure.com


I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00 and had no improvement

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They have a money back guarantee that if you take as directed for the minimum amount of days according to your condition and are not satisfied with your level of progress you get your initial investment back. I bought 3 bottles at a cost of $427.00, had no improvement and they told me to get more and continue taking the product. I bought another 3 bottles at the same price.No improvement after 7 months on it.They gave me 90 days and after that I was supposed to receive my money back. I called them and they gave me a hard time. Would not give my money back!!!

Resolution statement

Digestaqure.com customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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D  1st of Dec, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I'm reading this complaint above about this company, and I am thinking how easy it would be for a competitor of a company to pretend to be a customer, and post negativity. How do we know
what we are reading and who is behind it. For example: If the "customer" really purchased a product form a company with a guarantee in writing, and the customer met the conditions of the guarantee and yet received no refund, then why on earth would the customer simply not charge off the purchase with their credit card company. If they were really "in the right, " they would win the dispute with little effort. Probably as much effort as posting here. I was suspicious, so I called Digestaqure. If you would like to be blown away by people who understand the working of the human body, call these people. They opened my eyes after 16 years of no answers from the doctors. I ordered today. I will post after a few months. Julie.
N  2nd of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I just love how people like JULIE here just happen to always have a rebuttal to a negative posting about this company, Pristine Neutraceuticals, AKA DigestaQure. A clever way of trying to brainwash people into thinking that the post wasn't placed by an actual customer, but by a COMPETITOR??? NICE TRY ###!!! Now tell me Julie... How long have you been working for Pristine Neutraceuticals and DigestaQure??? HUH??? How much do they pay you to search for and try to rebutt negative comments about the company?? Listen folks, This company SCREAMS SCAM ARTISTS from atop the hills. I am sorry that Pillagos up here fell for this and actually purchased this "snake oil" not only once. but twice, and actually let them talk him/her into acually buying more of it. We as humans with illnesses are sometimes desperate. We want to be better and often go through life hoping, praying and wishing for a cure to our own individual comdition. That being said, we forget that there are millions of others suffering our same exact illness and thousands of Doctors are working to find real cures for them. Sometimes there are cures found, like the recent discovery that Humira can cure and remitt Chron's Disease. Sometimes, like with Colon Cancer, there are not. The bottom line is that these awful people are out there trying to promise a cure for over 100 types of digestive and autoimmune disesase with just one "MAGIG" pill. Do you REALLY believe that if this was at all true that it would not be in the mainstream or on TV by now?? Of course it would. And of course this "MAGIC" pill must be taken every day for 90 days to "START" to feel better at the price of over $400.00, THEN you of course need to buy MORE AND MORE AND MORE!!! If you feel it is not working, then the solution is not to refund you your $400.00, but say you need to buy MORE AND MORE AND MORE until hopefully some kind of brainwash or placebo effect takes place and you actually begin to think you are getting better and you are NOT! In fact, you may be damaging yourself worse and the SICK part is that you are paying these clowns your hard-earned money while doing so. I have Celiac Disease. Wheat, wheat products, and wheat glutens are a POISON to me if I eat them. You think I'm gonna let these people tell me that one "swdust" capsule of theirs is gonna give me a green light to eat all the wheat I want?? HELL NO!! I trust my Colege Educated Medical Doctor on that issue, ...NOT JULIE...A HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT IN A CUBICLE IN A PHONEBANK AT PRISTINE NEUTRACEUTICALS. I CHALLENGE YOU PRISTINE NEUTRACEUTICALS/DIGESTAQURE...I CHALLENGE YOU...IF YOUR PRODUCT REALLY IS WHAT YOU SAY IT IS...THEN PRESENT IT TO THE FDA FOR REAL TRIALS AND APPROVAL. PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT TO THE A.M.A. PRESENT IT TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. STOP HIDING IN THE SHADOWS BEHIND SOME INTERNET POPUP THAT COMES UP EVERYTIME A PERSON GOOGLES A DIGESTIVE DISESASE'S NAME. SHAME ON YOU FOR PREYING ON THE SICK AND THE WEAK. YOU ARE DISGUSTING PEOPLE.
N  17th of Sep, 2012 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
have you tried the product or are you speaking for somone else im skepticle to my son just got diagnosed with type one diabetes and celiac disease Im just like everyone else panicking, looking for anything that might give him a fighting chance i dont know what to do, I read alot of good feedback from people with everything from IBS to crohns disease saying it works yes they could be employees but i think im going to take a chance because its all natural and they offered free samples so i could take them to his doctors to check out so if they cant hurt him or interact with any meds im willing to take a chance if the worst that happens i lose money i dont care if anyone out there has anymore info please email me ps. excuse my spelling luvbrrrr@yahoo.com
N  16th of Jan, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I too have been looking at digestacure, stumbled on this site. I don't know if it works, seems like a miracle cure by what everyone says about it. I also have bowel and stomach issues have had them for years. I am not into Drugs, always looking for a natural way to heal. What helped me tremendously was acupuncture. A couple of years ago I had a huge bout of pain, bloating, gas, constipation. Tried acupuncture and had about 5 or 6 treatments, It helped so much. Recently I have had some more problems again after getting the flu. Since my acupuncturist left the area, I had to find a new acupuncture tech. in my area. My first appt. with her will be on Fri. Hope she's as good as my last one.
I would recommend acupuncture. It helped me a great deal.
N  25th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
When you have a disease that there is no cure for then you are looking for anything that may help. Any medical doctor justs keeps giving you pill after pill and each one causes a side effect. So for the person with the negitive comment comes to get a bad disease keep you mouth shut because all the rest of us positive people want hope. I am going to try these pills also and pray they will help. Cruel people out there-just keep yourself off the computer if you cannot say something nice.
N  4th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@sultan#1 Well my wife wanted to cure her leaky gut (intestinal permeability) which caused her to develop a goiter 10 years ago on her thyroid, which pretty much destroyed her thyroid and is on thyroid medicine now.
After 40 days of taking Digestacure she started to have severe food sensitives. Very bad migraine headaches after eating and bad cough. She was on a restricted diet, to begin with. This caused her to become very depressed, she stopped taking the Digestacure 3 weeks ago. It seems like here immune system is super sensitive now. She can only eat salads, now. Her headaches are at the base of her skull, she has had them for 3 weeks, with stiff neck and flem coughing spells, making her sound very sickly. Muscle and joint pain low energy levels so bad she does very little during the day resting up so she can work 4 hours in the evening as a janitor. She can barely do her job now.
Local doctor says she has a sinus infection drainage into her throat causes her to cough every 2 minutes for 3 weeks now she has had this. Autoimmune X has started an autoimmune reaction in her body, and caused her to have sinus problems, resulting in severe coughing spells. Digestacure support suggested she cut back on her dosage and call them in 2 weeks. Mr. Campbell from Digestacure says she is detoxiing.
She has completely stopped taking the Digestacure, 3 weeks ago and her health has still not returned to the condition it was before taking digestacure. Digestacure has severely hurt her health, and wonder if it well return to the same condition as it was before taking Digestacure. Mr. Campbell from Digestacure says she is detoxing and just needs to lower here doseage. Taking Digestacure can cause your conditions to become worse, they have nothing but good testimony's on the web site. They do not say anything about possibly causing more health problems, giving false hope to lure in more sales.
N  26th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I, Too, am looking for help for my niece as she has Behcets Disease and it is killing her. researched this site and looked for comments and actually am impressed with what I have found so far. There is another consumer protection site that reports both the complaints and the responses for all the world to see and the complaint site is well respected by many companies as well as customers. It is called Ripoffreport.com. I am medically retired on a very fixed income that will not allow me to eat more than one meal a day so I am VERY cautious where I spend what little money I have left after the mortgage payment. I think I will try Digestaqure for her. I think that if you follow the instructions to the letter and communicate as per their site and agreement, your results will be to your liking, whether it is a refund or medical help in your disease. The name calling and insults by RH383, above was totally unnecessary and very immature. That could be handled a little better. I wonder who is the real "drop-out"
N  26th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
I stand corrected as I referred to the wrong email response. It should read Darren315 bot RH383. Again, sorry for that.
N  9th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I just recently purchased Digestaqure, and l am excited to try a product that can help me naturally without side effects. I never wanted to be dependent upon prescription drugs and took care of myself to avoid them. Then--Sjogren's Syndrome decided to show up. Along with it came drugs that my doctor said l need to be on for life. I cried. I took the drugs even though they don't relieve my symptoms. They are to prevent further damage. I have been taking Digestaqure for 3 weeks and l feel better already. I figure it is good for my system even if l can't undo the damage that has been done. To me, this is a better way to prevent more damage. I'm figuring my next bloodwork appointment will show if Digestaqure is helping or not. In response to Pillagos, l didn't see where it said l could get money back on used product--only unopened bottles. I'm willing to take the financial risk. The benefit of the nutritional use of this product is explained clearly and substantiates other books l have read on the subject.
N  30th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
This is the biggest scam rip off con artist company there is. I bought 800.00 worth of this crap and my guts are no better than when I started.I followed their directions recorded no progress I called them to complain and nothing.Do not buy from these thieves you will regret it!!! This is the only satisfaction Ive gotten for my money WTF!!!
N  11th of Nov, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and a grocery list of other problems, but my main concern is the Hashimoto's. I also found the Digestacure site and am confused whether to buy this or not. I am constipated all the time and bloated. My extremities are currently inflamed for some reason. I think it's when I ate some Chinese food, which was over two weeks ago. As of this comment I'm STILL suffering over it! Also I seem to be stuck at not losing weight no matter how well I eat, or how much, or how little. I already brought a bogus diet plan that's not helped me lose any weight, but instead I've gained two pounds!! Yikes!! Now Christmas and birthdays are coming up and I've not lost weight, but gained and my visa card is maxed out, but I need to feel better and think clearly. I've been eating SO well and am shocked I'm still having problems. I eat all grass fed meats and all organic and gluten free foods, but am feeling much better than five years ago, but still need improvement. So more than likely I'm going to buy this and be disappointed once again, but I'd kick myself in the butt if I didn't try and it might be my possible solution. 'll write back after I am on it a few weeks.
N  26th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have had ulcerative colitis for more than 22 years, and i was able to control it with Rowasa suppositories, enemas, and for the last few years with asacol, I was taking 6 asacol pills a day and I was ok most of the time; often I had flares but was able to control it by increasing the asacol to 9 or 12 pills a day depending on the severity of the flare, but after a few days, symptoms would diminish, and I would go back to 6 pills a day. Until one day, 3 years ago I got really sick, I had the worst flare, symptoms got worse, each day, I had this bloody diarrhea, cramps, body pain, etc, etc; asacol was not working any more, so my doctor prescribed prednisone, I took it for 3 month and there was not a tiny improvement, my doctor decided then to take a more aggressive approach, he said I was going to be required to get some new medicine(remicade) injected into my blood stream, but before I had to sign a disclaimer saying that this medication could possibly cause cancer. Before starting the treatment I needed permission from my insurance, because this is a very expensive drug. While waiting for insurance approval, I came across Digestacure, I was so desperate and scare that I wanted to try anything, I order first the small 60 dollars bottle, I started taking it, first day one pill dissolved in 32 ounce bottle of water, I began to drink the medicine throughout the day until before going to sleep; the next day I increased to two pills a day, the third 3 pills a day until I reached 8 pills a day. By the third day I notice a noticeable and remarkable improvement; the blood disappeared, by the fourth day I notice after several months, a well formed stool. It has been 3 years since this episode and I have been well. This is a miracle medicine and if anybody is suffering this intestinal autoimmune deceases give it a try; let me clarify that I don't work for these people and It's sad that does not work for some patients, but for me its a miracle. Since a year ago, I stop taking it regularly because is too expensive and I can not afford it, I went back to asacol(now renamed Delzicol), now I take two asacol twice a day and I'm in excellent health, but If I have any symptoms of a flare, I immediately start taking my Digestacure, until I'm well again and continue taking the asacol. Thank you God for this miracle medicine.
N  6th of Jan, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I'm not saying it is a cure all, but my husband has been suffering from diverticulosis, he has been taking Digesta Cure for a month and has not had a single painful bout. So, he is going to continue to take the product. Having a husband who is not in constant pain, well it sure improves his attitude!
Happy wife!
N  6th of Jan, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have not started this product as of yet or even ordered it but I sent a question to the company support asking how many pills I take a day in order to get an idea how long a bottle would last so I don't break the bank acct. The reply was simply directions are on the product and to take it until symptoms get better and they are there for support. I was disappointed with the vague answer. I will ask my doctors since I have a lot of them. I truly believe they care about patients and are not Government brainwashed. I do agree about the pharmaceutical companies and government trying to stay in control as I know there are many products out there that help people that are not approve. I just wish the answer to my question was more direct and would get me excited to take this product. I'm in sales for a living and I believe in what I sell and people trust me. Your responder doesn't sound excited or supportive to future clients. Trust me when I love something the world knows it.
N  16th of Jan, 2014 by    +4 Votes
This is a record, not a complaint, just to give more information to those who suffer from Auto-Immune/Intestinal-Gut issues. After Allergies slowly crept into my life [for many years but went unnoticed] it got to the point where everything I ate gave me a reaction thru the skin: eczema. I had already decided 3 yrs. ago that my healing had to be from the intestinal/nutritional approach & had severely restricted my diet by eliminating: alcohol, wheat, glutten, then cheese, fermented foods, processed or canned foods; then I stopped going to restaurants unless I knew the chefs who made me grilled fish on greens. I consider myself lucky because it would have been almost impossible for me to change my diet so drastically unless I was miserable. My attitude is: bring it on, I want to solve this! By December '13, I could barely eat anything without the rashes flaring up so I went to the Edgar Cayce site for the diet recommended & teas. I began that & after the first cup of Slippery Elm I actually felt some relief from the itching so I continued. But there is a Die-Off Reaction with any de-tox effort & that makes it almost unbearable when you're suffering & have been for years. You have to keep going ...When I was in another flare-up period I once again went on line to find Digestacure. There were 5 reasons I felt I should try this company: 1) You may download the Book for free (I could read it online that night), 2) 12 pages of objective testimonials that were not all positive but a record of experiences of those using the product; 3) Customer Service (even tho' I haven't felt the need to call yet) is there for help & support; 4) they sell a small amount to try (I muscle test substance before ingesting new things now & that I wanted to be able to do) 5) the book: Code of Life came free & the back 12-15 pages are studies done to support the claims & theories. It may not be the long-term answer for my eczema but here's my experience so far: 1st day, I felt a slight relief, 2 d. I had a flare-up but by 5th day I felt much more relief & by 7th day my red, inflamed patches over 20% of my body had gone. Itching was not waking me at night; I could eat more foods w. no reaction. All of these positive forward shifts helped me to decide to continue the treatment however long it may take. I'm interested in 1) no more allergic reaction 2) better over-all health as I turn 60. Good Luck to everyone who is on their own Healing Journey It's not easy but it is so very worth your efforts. Be Well~
N  22nd of Jan, 2014 by    +4 Votes
To any one who is trying to heal themselves and trying natural supplements, you must ask yourselves, are you just taking the pill and continuing all of you bad habits that created your problems in the fist place? Have you cut out All sugar, Flour, Dies, Chemicals, processed foods, Sodas, toxins from your Life? Are you eating ALL Natural Organic fruits vegetables, meats, exercising, drinking lots of purified water, taking supplements that are depleted from you system? IF NOT then no matter what you buy and take it won't work!!!
ONLY YOU can heal YOU!!!
N  26th of Jan, 2014 by    +4 Votes
Hello all, I read all your comments. I have Oral Lichen Planus in my mouth, tongue, lips and inside my cheeks, a auto-immune disease, it started in april 2013 and I still have it now. My dr put me on Soriatane and the side effects were so bad that I quit it in one month but the side effects continued for 2 months later, My skin peeled from my face, arms, legs, even the palms of my hands peeled and so did the soles of my feet. At times it was so painful, I cried. I could hardly eat anything unless it was soup and porridge. I was thinking of getting this DigestaCure but changed my mind. I will try organic stuff and raw vegetables. If any of you have had it please let me know.Rosemary ... ryeryk@ymail.com
N  29th of Mar, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I've read a few complaints and wondered how digestaqure supposedly won 2013 medical prize or is this even a credible prize?
A  19th of Apr, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I took this product for over 8 months with no improvement (I have Sjogren's Syndrome, an autoimmune disease); I took it as directed and called to speak with one of their reps, who was very nice but knew absolutely nothing about my disease (even though it's listed as one of the diseases Digestacure will cure and they even have a couple of testimonials on their site from Sjogren's sufferers) and he told me to "keep taking it" and to take more pills, BIG SURPRISE, right?! Look everyone, they know that there are people out there who are suffering with debilitating diseases and who are desperate for a cure and don't want to turn to drugs, which would add to their suffering because of evil side-effects, so they prey on our desperation. I believe if there are some people experiencing some benefit from this product it's purely a placebo effect and soon they will be suffering again with their symtoms, with their disease. Be strong, be healthy and good luck! But BEWARE!!
N  2nd of May, 2014 by    +3 Votes
I went to their site and noticed a few things, they will not list what is in the pills by name...except for aloe. You are taking their word that it is 'all natural' There also must be a change in diet and an increase in one's water intake. BINGO!! Eating 'calm' foods and flushing the system with water is the ''cure'' they're offering. And that would help anyone. Anyone promising a CURE for a myriad of diseases (although they say they cure the ''root cause'' of those diseases) or states that they have found THE truth...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN because the outstretched hand for money comes next. The doctor peddling this concoction is a Chiropractor!! They list Nobel Prize winning researchers...but these researchers are not involved with this company or this product...which hasn't even been in exsistence for the amount of time they claim studies have been going on! I would not be surprised if all the testimonials came from in house. As noted before...if this really did work it would be widespread and proven through trials! Every positive review of this product contains a link to the site to order...hardly objective and highly suspicious. How many posts are on here promising to come back in a few months with updates after such glowing talk about the company? NONE...I guess they either don't want to look like suckers or those folks no longer work for the company and can't keep track where all they post. This company, and it's snake oil promises may keep someone from getting real treatment in a timely fashion!
D  13th of May, 2014 by    +3 Votes
I've been taking it for a year. I started out as it says and worked my way up tp 6 a day. Started feeling real bad and backed down to 2 a day and worked my way up to 4 a day for about 2 weeks. I went from142 lbs. when I started to 158 lbs. which I am today. This product will make you feel worse before you feel better. You just need to stick with it. It has worked for me . SUFFERING FROM UC FOR 8 yrs. No longer, I can eat any food I like w/o any side effects. What I did learn though, is to eat better and take care of myself. Now, tell me what's wrong with that!!! I take it faithfully, 2 capsules daily.

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