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I ordered the Diet Max Forskolin Capsules after seeing an advertisement on Facebook. After some research I decided this would be a product I would like to try so I ordered it. I placed my order on April 25th and shortly there after I got an email with a tracking number regarding my order. I then looked at my bank account and there was a charge on there for the shipment of the capsules I had just ordered and also for some Mango Cleanse that I hadn't ordered. I called the company and told them I didn't want the cleanse and so they removed that order. I waited about 2 days to check the tracking number and when I did check it, it didn't take me anywhere but added my tracking number into my phone numbers to let me "call" the number. I decided to wait a few more days to check the tracking number. On May 2nd, I contacted the Diet Max to ask where my order was as my tracking number was not giving me any information. The Agent I talked to told me that it takes about 14-16 business days to get the product and we got off the phone. I decided to contact the company because I knew there was a trial period and I wanted to make sure I would receive my order before the trial ended. When I contacted the company again, the agent told me they shouldn't take that many days to get to me and that I have a 30 trial period and I wouldn't be charged anything on my account until May 25th unless I cancelled before that time. I then received my order on May 6th which was the 12th day after ordering my product. I started taking my product on May 7th. That would be the 13th day of my trial period. Fast forward to May 12th (today) and I look at my bank account to see I have a debit coming out for $79.25. I call the company and the person that answered the call asked me to identify myself so I did. After placing me on a "brief" hold (18 minutes and some seconds) she got back on the phone. I could barely understand her because it sounded like she had a mouth full of food. She sounded very muffled. When I informed her of this she didn't stop talking or take the time to fix the situation. I then told her that there was a charge coming out of my bank account for this product and that it should be coming out until May 25th. She informed me that the trial was 14 days from the time you purchase the product. I informed her that I received the product on the 12th day of my trial and started taking it on the 13th day of the trial and there is no way someone can decide if they like a product like this when they use it for a day. I informed her that I had talked to someone at Diet Max and they said it was a 30 day trial. She told me they were wrong and ran off a bunch of other things that I didn't understand because he voice was still muffled. I told the agent I wanted a full refund, where she then placed me on another "brief" hold (4 minutes). When she got back on the phone she informed me she could refund me 30% of my order and I said that I wanted 100% of my debit back, she then came back with 50% of my order in a refund and said I wanted 100% back and my order cancelled. She placed me on another "brief" hold and came back telling me they would refund me 100% and my order had been cancelled. She then hung up on me. I called the company back and had to start from the beginning by identifying myself and being placed on hold. I just wanted to know how long it would take my money to be credited back to my account and if the account had been cancelled and get a confirmation number. The agent informed me of all of the above. When I started to tell her the person I was speaking with before hung up on me which is why I was calling back to get a confirmation number, she said nothing.
I am waiting for my refund to come through and I am waiting for a confirmation email to come. I will report this company to the Better Business Bureau and will also put this complaint on the Facebook advertisement. I will also never purchase another product from this company.

May 12, 2017

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