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Dentures / shoddy work and Rude people

1 2031 Pittsburgh Mills BlvdTarentum, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 724-275-7775

Almost 1 yr. ago, I went to ASPEN DENTAL, TARENTUM PA to get my upper teeth pulled and a set of upper dentures. Let me tell you, It has been nothing but a NIGHTMARE!! This place and most of the people who work there are nuts. After getting my teeth pulled I was given an immediate upper denture and sent home to heal. I waited at least 6mos. to heal, so that I would get the best possible fit for my expensive set of ComfiLyte dentures, uppers only..Well they put these teeth in my mouth and I swear they used GODZILLA'S MOUTH AS A MOLD. They were so big, It felt like I had a football in my mouth, This guy, noone every introduces themselves there, played around with them and said that they will tighten up in 3-4 days! What? DO THEY MAKE SELF-ADJUSTING DENTURES? I went back and forth and back and forth to no avail. The last time I went, I saw another Dr. name, don't know, she did not introduce herself either, She work ed with the dentures and we were getting them to fit better and she even stated that they put extra teeth in the back that did not need to be there. Well, after several more attempts, she said there is nothing more I can do for you! These people took $2500.00 up front and she says that. I gave her the denture and said make me new ones or fix these, she says we will give you a refund. I told her I don't care what you do with them, they do not fit so they are useless to me.. I got up, picked up my temporary plate and went to leave, she said I will need those too.!!! I wanted to smack her, she says you can not have a refund unless we get both sets..I said I am not leaving here with no teeth and walked out. I called to get a refund, , guess what can't have one, we need both sets. How much will my refund be and when will I get it. Kim Sullivan, the office manager, said I don't know, I have to call corporate. What kind of BS is this? I am sitting here with these cheap plastic teeth that I paid $2500.00 for. They have my TOP-OF-THE-LINE dentures and my money!!! IF those dentures I left there are their Top of the line, want are the cheap ones? WAX. These people tell you they will HELP YOU FIND YOU SMILE, , WELL ALL THEY DID was find MY POCKETS, TAKE MY MONEY AND LEFT ME TEETHLESS. So please, DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY ****YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY!!!

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  • Ri
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Many of us have gone through similar circumstances so I can appreciate the dilema. Recently I found a book about dentures that was written for us [the consumer] that is so easy to read and understand. It covered everything I was never told by my dentist and then some. The book is available at
    I highly recommend this book for anyone wearing dentures or thinking of getting them.

  • Ta
      7th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes
    Dentures - do not fit at all.
    Allcare dental
    New Hampshire
    United States
    Phone: 603-305-8093

    My boyfriend got dentures from Allcare dental. thay were TOP of the line dentures Very exspensive!! and Now they broke in half, just while he was talking thay broke! did anyone take over Allcare patients?? who do we contact? thank you Paula.

  • Va
      19th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes
    Dentures - do not fit at all.
    aspen dental
    5433 Lyon st, union dale, pa
    dickson city
    United States

    I went to aspen dental when I needed 4 teeth pulled & dentures. My first payment of $2400 was received by them the first time I went. My husband won't pay the balance of $390 due to the fact that nothing has been fixed. I drove1 hour round trip to get there.. They wouldn't see me. I think they need to fix the problem they created. I don't wish to ever deal with them again. They can have the dentures back & give me my money back so that I may go to a reputable dentist.

  • Li
      27th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes
    Dentures - do not fit at all.
    Aspen Dental
    United States

    Dentures were so ill fitting (they looked like horse teeth) I had to have them remade. In less than two years I have had to have them repaired three times because teeth fell out of these "top of the line" dentures. I am disgusted with these dentures.

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