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Dell / don't buy dell trash!

1 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas, 78682INDIA, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 512-338-4400

I purchased a DELL Dimension computer and within the first 6 months, it crashed and would only start in “safe mode”. This issue started when I was sent an automatic update which ended up being incompatible with my driver. It crashed the computer, corrupted the driver and the video card. When I called customer service (which is located in INDIA) I was told numerous times by different “Executive Support Revolver’s” that the issue was due to a Virus that I was responsible for downloading and that it wasn’t covered under my warranty. I was told that I would have to do a complete system restore and would loose all of my valuable programs I paid good money for, along with everything I had saved unless I paid them to help me remove my pictures and documents to an external hard drive. I just did not feel comfortable doing this, so I continued calling in hopes that I would get a service technician who actually knew what they where doing and could help me. A year had gone by with no such luck, but finally in my persistent attempts I reached a representative who finally figured out that it had been an automatic update sent to my computer and NOT a virus that had caused such a massive problem. I then spent a total of 3 days on the phone with this technician, for 3-4 hours a DAY, totaling now an average of 25 hours of my time spent resolving and troubleshooting in order to fix the problem. They then sent a technician to my home who replaced the video card and now my computer is working again.

However, in the YEAR that my computer was broken, I lost a year of my extended warranty that I PAID for and also in that time, my anti-virus program expired, leaving me to have to purchase a new $60 program. And good thing I didn’t listen and trusted my instincts because if I had listened to them, I would have had to replace thousands of dollars worth of programs because of Dell’s mistake.

I have been on the phone with supposed “supervisors” asking that they simply extend my warranty for the year that these issues have stolen off of my paid warranty but have been told that they can not do this.

I should have researched better before purchasing this piece of $%*T because I now see that I am NOT alone and my “little” problem pales in comparison to the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY AAAAAAANY other people who have had WAY WORSE experiences with DELL. I would not recommend a DELL to ANYONE and wish I would have gone with an APPLE!!!

This SCAM company should NOT be in business and more media attention should be brought to the public about how shading DELL is.

To see more of what I am talking about, Google “Dell Complaints” ….

Where is DATELINE NBC and 20/20 when you need them!?!?


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