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Dont get confused
Is the name is Debt Settler o Debt Settlor?

(n) Settler is the person who transfer the rights and possession of the property owned by him with an agreement in writing where in the beneficiaries are named.
Ex. A person executing a will to distribute his property after his death is a settler. A trustor transferring his property to a trust is also known as settler.

In law a `settlor` is a person who settles property on express trust for the benefit of beneficiaries. In some legal systems, a settlor is also referred to as a `trustor`, or occasionally, a `grantor` or `donor`. Where the trust is a testamentary trust.

be careful when you use these two words that have different meaning

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      Jun 05, 2011


    Is this company for real? I submitted all my document and they didn't do anything. Called my lender and nothing was even submited. Why would i pay someone $3000 to do nothing? I can do it myself!!

    Anyone know how to do a loan modification? or what is the best way of doing a loan modification? Should I call my lender directly to deal with them? I tried to deal with my lender, CountryWide but they just keep on delaying me and told me to call back.. and call back. what info do they actually need?

    Can someone recommend a good lawyer that does this?? and not a scam!! I can't find anyone who does this legit and not scam the us. please advise..


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