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1 Midland, MI, United States

Recently purhased a shirt from Deb and wore it once, washed it according to tag which was cold and tumble dry. I air dried instead which is better for delicate fabrics. Iweng to put the shirt on and noticed it had shrunk, the print had faded drastically and the elastic along bottom now didn't exist. It looked extremely stretched out. Attempted to return for an exchange or at the least store credit and got laughed at immediately. Was told anything worn and wish tags off was not to be returned. Even Walmart has cheap made clothes at cheaper prices that last longer and they atleast give you store credit or exchange. I paid $18 to own it for 3 days and for it to fall apart because it needed to be washed and fell apart even when washed according to tag. Which also I must point out the tag dissolved in washer, the other shirt with same washing instructions came out perfectly fine so it wasn't my washer or me. Cheaply made garment that I got screwed out of. My sister told me she no longer shops there because cheap clothes and a horrible return policy. I am going to follow suit...never waste another dime. Very unhappy.

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