Days Inn Lawrenceville GAovercharges and unprofessional management


I booked a room at the days inn lawrenceville ga on duluth hwy 9/19/2018 thru hotels.Com. I booked this room fir my sister and her pet i stayed in a room with my fiancee we checked her in and i went in to get keys on 9/19/18 we decided she would stay there and pay nightly until we finished worming the fair in lawrenceville on the 23 rd i paid one other night on hotels the final night of the stay 22-23 i paid the pet fee in cash at check in. I approved one charge for 85.00 on the 20th over the phone then sent my sister w my card on the 21. The hotel did not charge me until the 25 for 383.14??? and the 26th for 154.26 those amounts were never approved. Ever. This was a 4 night stay 2 of which were paid online thru hotels.Com. I conacted the hotel manager on 3 occasions. Once on the 24 to tell them that we had left early on the 23 keys were in the room. Then on the 25th regarding the charges and the 26th i said we had left 3days before y were they still charging me he said no i had not. I can prove i and ny sister were in alabama at the time that he told me we were at the hotel. The manager needs to be replaced he is stealing and lying. Please help me resolve these charges i or my husband are in motels 9 months of the year working out of town. We and our employees will not stay in days inn anywhere until this matter is resolved, period. I ve never been treated like that by a hotel manager ever.
Thank you for your prompt resolution of this matter. I paid a total of 743.48 out if my checking account for this single room for 4 days!!! plus 50 in cash for pet fee, i mean seriously??? it was 85.00 a night on hotels.Com...!!! that was too high cosidering the coackroaches and nasty room.

Days Inn Lawrenceville GA
Days Inn Lawrenceville GA

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