Days Inn / appearance of motel room

Bi Feb 4, 2019

January 31, 2019
Room # 300 was near freezing and it took about 5 hours to warm the room with heater set at 86 F.

Had to put chair under door knob to secure it because door wouldn't lock.

Television, alarm clock, and telephone did not work. Wake-up call was done on my cellphone by clerk.

Smoke detector was pulled out of the wall and wires were hanging outside electrical box.

Bathroom fan sounded like baseball bat was banging it (very noisy).

Found empty cigarette box in dresser drawer with brillo pad and plastic card inside.
Looked like drug paraphonelia (sp?).

Room was very dirty and wall paper was peeling off.

Normally, I would get another room but it was very late and I was just too tired to move. I have told all the drivers that I meet to stay away from the Days Inn in Roanoke. My intention is to continue telling everyone about my stay at your hotel and to never stay again.

PS: Breakfast was a joke.

Thank you.

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