Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat / the head of jamaat (amil saheb) of mumbra and secretary of jamaat

It all started on 30th of july the head of jamaat (Mumbra) and secretary some of the members visited to our place regarding FMB issue . We don't take FMB thali as we cannot afford it and we cannot as much they ask for so they visited and asked us to take FMB thali but we said we cannot pay as much they are asking but still they wrote the amount as per their wish on some card and gave it to us and ask us to pay that we said we cannot pay this much but they didn't listen and they left that day. Next day i went to the jamaat office for the same issue. I went to the amil saheb's cabin and gave my hand for salaam but he refused may be because i wasn't doing it with cover(money). Then i ask him that we cannot pay this much please reduce the amount so he directly asked me that is it okay if i block your ITS card (a card that is an identity for every bohra individual) indirectly he was saying that he will remove me from jamaat when i ask for the reason he said 'my wish'. Is that mean that the jamaat is run as per their wish? Is it so then i think then Mumbra jamaat is in wrong hands. And he was being very rude he even ask the other guy who was in the cabin to remove me from the office and he said get out from the office. Is that what they have been taught in Jaamea tus saifiyah? Is that how they should behave with the people of their jamaat? I feel shame to call myself a dawoodi bohra because of this kind of people. Thank you for reading this.

Jul 31, 2018

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