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Dawn Luttrall of Pendraig Sibnerians / Dawn Luttrall uses FIP infected stock to breed litters

1 United States Review updated:

1st Complaint Against:

Breeder: Dawn Luttrall
Cattery: Pendraig Siberians
Address: 7655 N FM 620 #317
City: Austin, TX 78726
Phone: [protected] [cell]
Complaintant: Vicki Osheka, Freedom, Pa.
What will satisfy your complaint? a $900 REFUND
Date: /Time: [protected]:08:10 PDT

Our kitten died from FIP at 6mo. of age. Breeder refuses to give address (claims she moved) will always send PO Box address, but never will, Always makes excuses.

I have a letter from vet along with copies of bills for $1700 of illness of cat. I sent info to breeder, via priority mail-confirmation return with a letter from the vet. She claims she didn't receive it. The post office told me it would have been returned if she didn't live there any more. I believe she is lieing.

I went to 2 vets, they both told me not to get another kitten from her (as stated in the contract) because they believe the coronavirus (FIP) is in her cattery.

I cannot take the chance, financial for otherwise to accept another kitten (not that she even offered at this point). She has only acknowledged her death, not how she was going to resolve it. I paid $900 plus $350 for shipping and handling. Not asking for any medical, shipping costs.

Oh, I forgot, she plans on breeding my kitten's mother again this summer!!!! Her cell phone number is [protected]. The vet left her a message, but she didn't return the call, I believe. I have a letter from the vet stating the cause of death.
[Proof #1.] [Proof #2.]

Do NOT buy from this breeder FIP cattery

Pendraig Siberians

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  • Da
      27th of Mar, 2007
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    I have proof that NONE of my breeding stock is FIP positive. This was one kitten, never confirmed by a necropsy as required in the contract of an alleged FIP case. The owner was well aware that she must perform a necropsy and refused and did not give me the option of paying for it myself and I would have.

    My cats are FIP free and we are working towards coronavirus free as well. Coronavirus is well documented, highly contagious and 85% of cats in multi-cat households test positive for the titres. Only a very few cats actually mutate it to develop FIP. More info on FIP

    The owner was contacted several times, offered are replacement kitten tested for A:G ratios within normal ranges and has refused. It is our policy not to issue a refund especially considering that the kitten was healthy when she left here, healthy when she arrived and declared so by the owner's veterinarian, and it wasn't until 3 months later that she developed the FIP. It is tragic but we cannot be sure where she contracted coronavirus from and it is not within my control once she leaves my cattery. No researchers know yet why some cats develop FIP and others do not.

  • Da
      27th of Mar, 2007
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    Rose Marie is apparently off her rocker. Found a complaint or 10 about her and her abuse of cats. I know she was banned from CFA for life which means you have to do something VERY serious.

    This Wacko Rose Marie Zizzo has been sued and lost! Rose Marie Zizzo is a liar and a seriously disturbed person. She killed the cat she talking about after having it for a year,living in a travel trailer with 15 other cats, admitting that she knew it was sick for 8 weeks before taking it to a doctor and then not trying to help her but just destroying her. Then claims FIP with nothing to back it up. And guess what, this all happened 4 years ago! FOUR years ago and she is still complaining because she didn't get her way. She is running a blackmail scam. She says right on her website that she can ruin anyone around the world. She makes up lies and then wants the breeder to pay her take them down! This has all been turned into the San Diego County sheriff and a stalking and harassment case had been filed. Sh has also been turned into the FBI for blackmail. She has been kicked out The Cat Fancier's ### Inc for life this behavior. She was sued for this libel and slander in court this week. She attempted to to defraud the court, Lollimops and the Post Office by signing the orange slip for a registered letter then returning the green cards unsigned! We won $7500.00. So if you have been wrongly accused, slandered or libeled, take them to court! This is against the law! Go after them legally, it is empowering! Read the truth about Zizzo here formally her site, and here where all the documentation is stored at

    Thanks very much for your support.
    Melanie Lowry

    I have encouraged the owner of Isabella to complain to my registering body/club. I have absolutely no fear because I know I have done everything right, stood behind my cats and my contract, and have healthy and happy animals. I do not know when my next litter will be as my adult females were spayed, one due to a uterine infection and the other because my mother fell in love with her and wants her as a retired pet which makes them both happy. I am also taking a break for a year because i'm pregnant. I had worked out a deal to breed my studs to another breeder and could have offered Isabella's owner one of those kittens but of course she's being completely unreasonable. I know she is grieving, as are we because we loved Isabella.

  • Co
      28th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    Buyers Warning About:

    Breeder: Melanie Lowry
    Cattery: Lollimops Himalayans & Persians
    Address: 942 Stanley Avenue
    City: Escondido, Ca 92026
    Phone: 760-755-7189, 760-300-3270, 760-737-7411
    Dis-satisfied Buyer: Kristi Kortmeyer, Phoenix Arizona
    Date: 2/5/03
    Share your Comments Read Comments

    PAST buyer very dis-satisfied sharing about buying from LOLLIMOPS

    Statement of FACTS:
    In 2002 and 2003 I received 3 kitties total:
    1. One with FIP that died
    2. one that tested positive for FeLV,
    3. and the third kitten was sick with URI and ringworm
    but is currently healthy and happy :)

    Hello... I'd love to check out your site. I have had bad experiences with Melanie Lowry and as an inexperienced breeder, I wasn't sure how to handle it or her, so after many emails and phone calls with her, I finally let it go.... Today I thought I'd Google her name to see if I could find anyone who fallen to her as well. Unfortunately, I wasn't at all surprised to find more HORRIFIC stories similar to mine. I'm sure there are more out there...

    I have not filed any complaints against her and there really isn't anything I would accept as a compromise from Melanie at this point in time... but I would like to help the INNOCENT by letting them know that they should ABSOLUTELY avoid Melanie like the PLAGUE.

    My children had a very difficult time and struggled after I received 2 sick kittens from her, 1 which died from FIP and the other which tested positive for FELV ... thank goodness I knew to isolate from my other cats until tested or it could have been much worse...

    It looks as if Melanie is an EVIL EVIL person who cares only about money and nothing about her cats or the people/families that she's affected.

    I see that she has moved from the house on the hill- I was only allowed to step foot in her living room, but have a feeling that behind her bedroom door there were far more than the 15 cats she allowed me to see in her living room and caged in her tiny kitchen....I have moved on... but, I would be willing to share my experience on your site. Thank you, Kristi Kortmeyer, Phoenix, Arizona

    Melanie Lowry is a storyteller who is desperately trying to salvage her reputation, which has been DEVASTATED by her eagerness to sell unhealthy kittens to innocent people. Melanie's response is a bunch of falsehoods. If all of Melanie's so called "Facts" were true, then I would've been quite a happy customer, right?! In fact, if her "Facts" were true, wouldn't I be supporting her instead of this website? I have nothing to gain by discrediting Melanie. I am embarrassed for her.

    She obviously has a problem with reality- she now has 7 separate instances where former customers have been swindled and/or deceived by her. Could it be a coincidence that we have similar complaints? Doubtfull. And I'm quite certain there are many more customer's with unfortunate stories who haven't yet discovered the B-PCB.INFO website.

    In sharing my experience I only hope that:
    a). others will come forward and
    b). that my story can save at least ONE person from being her next prey.
    Following this email I will not respond, refute, or entertain ANY of Melanie's additional STORIES. I've told the truth as it was. Shame on you, Melanie!

    There are MANY notable, reputable breeders who truly CARE about the health and future of their cats and Melanie Lowry is not one of them. I wish B-PCB.INFO the best of luck in your efforts to stop corrupt breeders from taking advantage of the trusting public and from medically neglecting precious kittens! You ladies are brave and I wish you much success!"

  • Co
      30th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    We have contacted The International Siberian Cat Alliance [TISCA] to allow them to know what their members are selling FIP kittens and then breeding the same mother again. Buyers please do not buy from this siberian breeder.To read more about this FIP cattery go to:

  • Co
      30th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    To read more about Dendraig Siberians cattery breeding practices go to and then go to UPdates and read Dawns vocal testimony

  • Co
      30th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    Its the Pendraig Siberians sorry about that, readers.

  • We
      27th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I completely disagree with this statement that Dawn is guilty of selling a FIP kitten. FIP requires a necropsy, there is no genetic link to it, and the only thing that has occurred here is grounds for a lawsuit against Vicki Osheka. To publically defame a breeder without something to back it up and letters and one vet can say until the cow comes home what it was but no evidence was provided. I wouldn't give a refund to vicki either but I will buy from Dawn in the future. Do not contact TISCA again as Dawn is a good and upstanding officer in the club breeding gorgeous, rare lines of wonderful, healthy cats. Contact TISCA and it will be forwarded to a lawyer for review and the only thing that will happen is that Vicki hasn't fufilled her contract. Once again, FIP isn't genetic.

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