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David's Bridal - Portland, ME / I will never walk in any David's Bridal again!

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My daughter recently got engaged. We drove 60 miles to the closest Davids Bridal which was in Portland Maine to shop for bridal gowns. We then went to the racks of gowns and chose one she wanted to try on.

While we were headed to find someone to show us to a dressing room with the dress in hand, an employee approached us and asked if we were working with a "consultant". I said, "No, but I was looking for someone to help us." The "consultant" then rudely informed me that I should not be taking gowns off the rack unless I was working with a consultant. She then told me she would take the dress (she took it right out of my arms) and that I needed to go to the front desk and see if there was an available consultant as they took walk ins but only if they had someone who was available. I went to the front desk only to be told that they were very busy that day and that the next available time was 2 1/2 later. By this time I am embarrassed, angry and just wanted to get out of there. By now I am so mad I told my daughter we needed to leave as they obviously did not need our business. We left, I then called the number on a brochure to speak with the manager but that number connected me to a store in Nashua, NH. I explained the situation to the person on the phone and asked for the number to the store in Portland, ME, she put me on hold and never picked back up.

I WILL NEVER MAKE AN APPOINTMENT, NOR WALK IN ANY DAVID'S BRIDAL AGAIN. If you plan on going there make sure you have an appointment!!!

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  • Mi
      4th of Mar, 2007
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    My sisters & I went to David's Bridal in Colorado Springs, CO yesterday 3/3/07, we drove 40 miles to get there, which was ok, once we got there they were busy & we started just looking around & was approached by a lady who seemed like WE were bothering her, she was very rude & was not very helpful. She showed us to a very very small room for my sister to try on a dress. Now my sister isnt very skinny which shouldn't of been an issue but was to them. Once she came out of the room an older lady came over to check if she needed alterations & looked at my sister very disgusted. She then said there was nothing they could do to help. In the meantime I looked around the store & noticed it wasnt just us alot of women there looked upset & it was like we were cattle, they were rushing people in and out!! We left & found another place down the street called Danelle's, we bought all of our dresses there & they were soo very helpful. I will NEVER EVER go back to David's Bridal again!!!

  • Br
      7th of Mar, 2007
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    Yes, I had a problem w/ David's as well and they put me on hold and never picked back up either!! I held FOREVER. Then I finally go to pick up my dress and I PROMISE it is a different dress, there are beads on the skirt that were not on the one that I tried on several times, plus the string of beads around the waste were completely different! I paid attention to every detail so I KNOW it was different, they told me it was NOT different and even though I had not even left w/ the dress yet, I could not get my money back.. since you have to pay BEFORE you order and get the dress in. I don't think that's right. Plus, when I picked up my dress and did a fitting, ( i ordered a size smaller than i tried on) I decided I would buy a slip to make it poof out more, well they told me I would receive NO discount.. I guess if you buy the slip when you ORDER the dress you get like 20 % off or something? Well they wouldn't give me the discount and were VERY VERY rude. THEN I had to pay 10 bucks just for a bag to put the dress in!! I mean, you go to Victoria's Secret and buy a 30 dollar bra and get a cute pink bag w/ tissue paper and a ribbon and a gift box if you want one! But you pay like 500 for a dress and don't even get a decent bag to go with it!! That place is seriously crazy!!

  • Le
      12th of Mar, 2007
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    You are lucky that you were only hassled by one of the underpaid and poorly trained employees who work there. If you had bought the dress, you could have anticipated a whole new world of problems and complaints. My sister is using David's Bridal for the bridesmaid gowns for her wedding, and for which I am the maid of honor. All five of the bridesmaids tried on the gown, and based on the samples in the store, no one needed any alterations. Our gowns just came in, and they are cut in different proportions than the dresses we tried on. All five bridesmaids -- who used two different stores in two different states -- need to have them re-ordered in a larger size and then altered, which would be fine, except for that we didn't need those alterations when we ordered the dresses in the first place. My dress has too much fabric in the waist and hips and not enough in the bust area, and I am pear-shaped! It wouldn't matter, but the dress fit perfectly in the store. Because David's Bridal handles so much volume, there seems to be no quality control at all. There is no one in the stores who can help us except to order another size and pay for alterations and David's Bridal of course has a policy that you cannot return the dresses once you purchase them. The customer care phone numbers are bogus; they claim not to have a store in your area. I am telling everyone I know to never, ever step foot in a David's Bridal store.

  • Fl
      16th of Mar, 2007
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    I went to a David's Bridal in Philadelphia. I also had (still have) problems with customer services. The "consultant" was very RUDE and she wanted to decide the dress for me - unbelievable!!! I was told that they didn't have my size but they didn't told me that they didn't have in THAT store. I bought a dress... and they still treating me BAD! I'm also very disappointed!

  • Je
      12th of Apr, 2007
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    I bought my dress and all of my bridemaids dresses at Davids Bridal. When I first went in the lady that waited on me was extremely helpful and very nice, I was very excited since I was getting my wedding dress, everything went smoothly. She informed me that all of my bridemaids dresses should be ordered at the same time due to dye lot issues, she stressed this very much. I tried on a size 10 which was to large for me but she told me that with the size being larger that the dress was longer. I was informed that a regular wedding gown is meant to fit a women standing 5'8" in heels. I stand that bare foot. So I was told to order the dress with 4 extra inches and that it would be no problem to take any extra length out. A few days go by and I take a good look at my receipt and I notice they only ordered the regular length. So I call them and have them fix it. About 14 weeks go by and I get a call that my dress is in, along with one bridesmaid dress... I asked her why the bridesmaid dress was in. After I told them the names and how many people were in my wedding party they only listed one and as soon as she paid for her dress they ordered it. I gave them the names of all the rest of my party...again and told them I can't get my dress for a couple of weeks due to the fact that I live over 100 miles away from the store. I go and pick up my dress and I told them I wanted to try it on before I left the store. IT WAS WAY TO LONG!!! My consultant got alterations and they told me that it would be almost 400 extra dollars to alter my dress due to how much work needed to go into it, alterations told me that it would look way poofier then I wanted it to be due to bunching up the skirt. We tried a bigger slip and higher heels (4") and it was still a little long, but I decided that would work much better then paying an additional 400 (I've already spent 1000) for my dress. I make my alterations appointment for my bustle and alterations tells me it is still to long. They tell me they will try and get the dress in regular length since they messed up (this is after the manager tried to make me feel like this is my fault because I called back and changed the order) I finally get my regular dress in, found out that with a regular slip the dress would have been to long. They messed up both my flower girl dresses and all the bridesmaid dresses came in longer then what they tried on, so everyone needed alterations!!! I WILL INFORM EVERY BRIDE THAT I MEET TO AVOID DAVIDS BRIDAL!!!! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR WEDDING EXPERIENCE!!! Along with they sister company after hours!!!!! I picked out red tyes for all of my groomsmen, they had the best men in red tyes and all of the rest of the groomsmen in pink!!! This company needs to be stopped!!!

  • La
      17th of Apr, 2007
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    We ordered my daughter's wedding dress, all her bridesmaid dresses and my dress there. Our experience was very positive. All employees were very helpful, we were always greeted with smiles and the alterations people were extremely helpful. We are in Fort Worth, TX and all dresses were exactly as they had tried on and we were not charged for the bag to put the dress in, it came with the dress with no charge. We loved dealing with them and their prices were unbeatable on the dresses we bought. Their flower girl dresses are a bit pricey, so we aren't using them for that, but overall, we loved our experience there.

  • St
      29th of Apr, 2007
    +1 Votes

    It is obvious when you go into a bridal store that the dresses are hanging in plastic zipper bags. This so 40 people don't handle them improperly or get them dirty. Bridal shops are not regular clothing stores. You would not want your dress to have been tried on by others, gotten make up all over the front, snagged the lace or beading, or left laying on a dressing room floor. This is why you MUST have a consultant. Most bridal shops only have one or two dresses in each size/style. Typically they are special order. Many are hung according to designer, or style, or even price. Customers shoving them to the far end of a rack to see the one they like, wrinkling and smashing the others, unzipping it and leaving it unzipped, or taking it off the rack or putting it back in the wrong spot is not good for the dress and requires the consultants to carry them back to the rack. They are heavy. A bride could conceivably try on 20 dresses if she were just picking them off the rack herself.

    A consultant is there to steer you towards a dress in your style while not letting customers mishandle the dresses. I do not think the employee should have been rude but I have taken dresses from customers and guided them to a consultant before. Most, however, know that ours is not a regular clothing store. You'd be surprised how many mothers throw the dress over their arm, or two or three, and carry them around the store like they were jeans from Old Navy. You should be glad they want to take good care of their product. How would you like to try on a dress only to find it is wrinkled, dirty, smudged with lipstick or make-up, snagged, and then try to envision it on your wedding day all the while knowing it has a $1000 price tag. Don't be mad at the store for your ignorance of the situation. It's amazing how many customers are offended by respect and dignity for their time and budget. An appointment is always best, although some smaller shops do not require them. It's a big decision, not to be rushed, and carefully considered.

  • Sy
      3rd of May, 2007
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    I found the dress I wanted in July of 2006, 10 months before my wedding date. Five days before I was supposed to travel to my out of state wedding I went in to pick up my dress and it was destroyed. Here's what happened. I had gone back for a couple of fittings with the head alterations person telling me all would be well with my dress. I found out I was pregnant a month before my wedding and was concerned about my body changing too much and decided to pick out a new dress. After trying on several dresses in the Huntsville Alabama store the alterations lady said "Good news...I've found my magic wand" and she could fix my current dress. I had a final fitting a week before I was due to leave. She pinned the hem and pinned the cups in the bust. I was reluctant then because the cups looked lumpy and you could see the outline of the cups through the dress. This woman assured me all she needed to do was to "press" them and all would be fine. BS!!! When I picked the dress up five days before my wedding the front hem of the floor length gown was to the middle of the bridge of my foot and the right cup in the bust of the dress was sewn 1 inch away from my armpit, making me look like I had lop sided boobs. It looked like two pancakes over two tube socks. Still lumpy, still looking like crap the secondary seamstress asked me what I thought. I replied with quick synopsis of how utterly absurd the gown looked and demanded my money back. After pushing back with loud words in front of other patrons they caved and gave me my money back with the exception of the veil. (They couldn't see returning the money because only the dress was useless) Before all of this, the head alterations idiot told me..."It's just a piece of fabric." I got no apology at all from the store manager who had the balls to say "Have a good night." when I was on my fifth tissue and walking out of the store. DO NOT EVER USE DAVID'S BRIDAL.

  • Te
      7th of May, 2007
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    My Daughter is 17 years old and graduating this year. Last weekend was her Senior Prom and we all know how this is a once in a lifetime event. We purchased her dress a few months back to make sure we were ready, but a month before the prom took it back to David's Bridal to have some minor alterations done in the waist because it was a little big. She was fitted and we went back two weeks after that to pick up the dress. She couldn't even get it zipped and they finally worked to get it zipped and she couldn't breathe or move. Their excuse was that she had gained weight. Well, let's see she hasn't gained a pound in two years and none of her jeans fit any differently. They flat out refused to take any of the blame and told me they could let it out, but if it had needle marks they were not responsible. My daughter decided to wear the dress and try to make it work, before she got out of the house on prom night the zipper busted out of it. Three hours before her prom she has a dress with no zipper. I rushed to David's Bridal to see if I could select a similar dress while she was getting her hair and makeup finished. I explained to the girl what happened and told her I found two dresses that I thought she would like and they would fit, but could I take both of them and return one the next day. Absolutely not, she told me to bring the dress in and they would try to fix the zipper. I explained there was not enough time, her response to me was "You are really lucky we are offering, because we are really busy"!!!! For some reason I really couldn't find the luck that evening. Needless to say my daughter had to come there and try on the dress, it fit and they offered me a 25% discount. I have no pictures that we had planned with the family and she had no time for dinner. I felt so sorry for her!!! There was a lady and a teenage girl in the store at the same time and they were both crying, so I am sure they messed hers up to. So I bought a dress for 259.00 paid 37.00 to have alterations and then paid another 180.00 for an additional dress.

  • Sh
      30th of May, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I think all you princesses are going to be divorced in a year anyways so stop your complaining. The people at Davids Bridal are very hard working and they only make minimum wage. I suggest you all go work there for a week and then you will have totally different opinion of Davids Bridal. I worked there for a year and lost 15 lbs (from never getting a break) and now suffer from back problems (for lifting 10-20 heavy dresses for each "bride" at a time) busting my hump for all you ungrateful little witches. SO just remember little girls the WORLD (and Davids Bridal does not revolve around you).

  • Ja
      19th of Jun, 2007
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    This comment is geared towards Sharon -

    First of all, how dare you wish something as horrible as divorce to anyone! That is mean! Every consumer deserves respect, nobody needs to be treated rudely by another human being, especially when a customer is paying hundreds of dollars for a wedding dress, they deserve to be treated just the same as you would want to be treated. Also, as far as david's bridal overworking and underpaying their employees, this is the employees problem, if you don't like it, get a different job!

    My goodness, i hope you never have to go through what some of these women have gone through. I purchased my wedding dress from davis bridal 4 years ago, and had a great experience... But if you were my consultant, your nasty attitude i'm sure, would've shined through if you were my consultant! Thank god you weren't!

  • Ai
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    I did buy my gown at David's Bridal, it was too long but instead of having it hemmed, which they said would be impossible due to the French netting over the lining. It fit perfectly everywhere else and it took me about a month to decide I even wanted the particular gown. The gown was my size, the only one left in stock in the entire east coast. It was a seasonal prom dress, but due to its style you'd never think of it less then a bridal gown. The people were snobby, and not very polite on some days, but on other days they were very sunshiny and happy to help. I did go back into the alterations area to talk to them about measuring me and the lady there told me very low and softly to look at ebay before buying a gown at DB. She said the prices are much nicer and her daughter was extremely happy with her ebay purchase. I had looked on ebay, but due to my shape and height (pear shaped and 5ft) you have to wear something to KNOW what it looks like. I had a minor strap alteration done to my gown- cost me 20.00- all the employees said that it was the cheapest alteration they ever saw. I had to hold the front of my gown up a tad when I walked down the isle because it was about 5 inches too long, but thats ok- I made it a dramatic effect until I tripped. Just wanted to pass on my experience.

  • Ma
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    I went to David's Bridal and found my experience to be wonderful. My maids are spread across the midwest, so we ordered their dresses at the store closest to them. This was great, because as their dresses came in, they could pick them up right away and get them altered at the store nearest to them. All of the consultants I worked with were amazing and were willing to help each girl find the right size, even if it meant finding similar dresses in the store to get them sized correctly. Their dresses all arrived within a month of ordering them, and they all fit each girl as expected. Their alterations all went perfectly and each girl was happy with how their dresses fit. To all of the individuals who complained about poor service because they didn't have an appointment, do your research before you go shopping! There are days when the David's Bridal near me has 50 customers in the store at once! They only have 20 dressing rooms! While they'll usually try to help those without an appointment (I've gone in several times just to look and have been helped everytime) sometimes they just can't handle the amount of people who enter without appointments. MOST bridal shoppes prefer appointments, so it's not something unusual that only David's Bridal does.

  • Th
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    Never go to the David's bridal in Nashua, NH. Those people up there are rude, they think they are higher than you and they don't know what they're doing.

    When I purchased my dress 3 weeks ago, I was told it was going to take 2 weeks for them to do a bead check, clean some dirt spots from the dress and have it pressed--i didn't even need any alterations! So I called them on the day I was supposed to pick it up to tell them that I was busy that weekend and is it okay if I pick it up in another 2 days because I was working. The lady said "yes" but I also questioned her to see if it was even ready. This is what she told me: "Oh, your dress is on the line, they have been working on it all week, checking the beads and cleaning it for you, it will definitely be ready when you come in in 2 days." When she said this, I felt so assured and happy that they've been putting the time to get my dress all nice and ready for me.

    2 days later, I drive up 50 miles to Nashua, NH to find out that they couldn't find my gown. Someone had misplaced it. I was so mad and I told the lady that I had spoken to someone this weekend, and they told me it would be ready. Also, the pink slip that you show to pick up your dress said it was supposed to be ready 2 days ago. All the girls in the alterations department tried looking for my gown, looking so embarrassed that one of them had lost my dress, none of them wanted to come out and tell me what had happened. They were just all talking amongst themselves like "Oh crap, what are we going to do?"

    I waited there for 20 mins, for one of them to come tell me what was going on. This lady who didn't speak english comes up to me and tells me that somebody had replaced my gown but now they found it and will work on it or me which will only take 15 mins or so. THEY DIDN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE! So this other lady who also doesn't speak english presses my dress for me and comes out with it another 20 mins later along with this slip for me to sign that I picked up my gown and that I was happy with it. She came out and there was still dark spots, the beads were not checked. I sent her back in there to get those fixed. This story could go on and on, but to make it short, when the girl brought back the gown the 2nd time, it was not done right, so I sent her back to get what I wanted down the first time.

    I waited 1 1/2 hours just to pick my gown, which I was told it would be ready 2 days ago. I did not receive an apology at all from the manager, neither did she come talk to me. Their service is HORRIBLE. DO NOT EVER GO THERE. Sure, buy your dress there, but get it altered or cleaned elsewhere.

    Also, while I was sitting there waiting for my gown, another bride was sharing her story of how they screwed her over as well. I didn't really ask her what her complaint was but she doesn't recommend the one in Nashua, NH as well. Just to tell you that even they're tax free up there, they suck!

  • Mi
      26th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Brides who buy there gowns at davids bridal need to understand you get what you pay for. Davids Bridal is like a FLEA MARKET for brides. The brides have champagne taste with bear budget. I work there and will not buy my daughters dress there. Even with my discounts, the fabric feels cheap and rough against your skin. Also it looks cheep. So stop complaining. Its not our fault you cannot go to a higher priced store and don't forget we offer LAYAWAY, where can you go and get that. Brides please if you know you can spend 300 dollars, don't try on 20 dresses that value over 900 dollars. You are wasting our time, also if you come in with better attitudes you will be happy when you leave. GO TO THE COURT HOUSE!

  • Re
      5th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with the above, David's Bridal is like a bridal flee market. They know the brides walking through their door are on a budget, so you get "budget like service".

    Brides, there are so many other ways you can find gown's for cheap! Towards the end of the year, and early-mid February the bridal salons are all getting their new merchandise in and need to get rid of inventory. Which means you can leave with a $1000 gown for $500! Same range as David's Bridal. Brides by Demetrio's does this several times a year. I purchased my gown from that store and every time I have gone in, their clearance rack is being changed/updated. All gowns are in great condition and all floor samples come in all sorts of sizes. Good luck and happy shopping

  • Ka
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    I own a bridal store and week after week I hear the same sob story from brides who have decided to shop at David's instead of their locally owned independent bridal salon. Most local stores will offer dozens of beautiful higher quality gowns at the same price or most of the time, lower than David's Bridal. Take a picture of th e dress you like and most likely they can get an identical one with better quality and better price. Don't be lured in by the ads that say hundreds of styles... they only have about 40 styles, they just stock it in different colors and sizes to make you think you have a huge choice. David's prices are grossly inflated and the quality of their merchandise and service is sub-par. I don't feel sorry for any of the brides who walk in there and are treated poorly, yet continue to make purchases there. What are you thinking? You think they will treat you better once they have your money? They know that they can treat you poorly and still get your cash. Furthermore, would you buy your diamond engagement ring at K-mart and expect Harry Winston quality and service? No. When you buy from this "discount" store expect discount service and quality. Your local or independently owned stores count on word of mouth referrals, so they will help resolve problems with dresses that are their fault, and at their expense. BEWARE OF ANY STORE THAT REQUIRES YOU PAY IN FULL BEFORE YOU RECEIVE YOUR DRESS. Good for you girls who are speaking out and telling about your experiences. You are doing what you can to save some other poor bride from disaster. And as for the ex-David's Employee... no wonder girls have such horrible experiences with people like you working there. Obviously uneducated, untrained and underpaid. Why would someone like that care about someone else's experience, when all you can do is feel sorry for yourself. Go get a job at the gas station, your level of professionalism will be greatly appreciated there.

  • Br
      16th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ummm Kara, you might want to walk into a Davids Bridal store and count the different styles they carry. It is certainly more than 40 and they carry womans sizes which most independent stores do not.

    As far as better quality merchandise you are mistaken since your line of dresses is more than likely the same one Davids uses and pays to have them put the Davids tag in their dresses.

    The little snots that come into the store expecting something for nothing is the whole problem.

    Oh and yes, I have heard horror stories about the independent bridal stores as well.

  • Am
      25th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I live in Boise, ID and was in a wedding that was in MN. I got fitted here in Boise and told what size to order. I also was still nursing and asked specifically if I could have alterations if for some reason it didn't work. I was told that wasn't a problem at all and that I should still order the size they fitted me for. The dresses were all ordered in MN. My dress was sent to me in Boise so that I could make sure that it would fit and that I would have my dress with me. Well it didn't fit, and when I went in for alterations I was told that the dress couldn't be altered because of the material. I then asked how we could fix the problem. Thinking it would be easy right, not! They had to call all these other David's bridal stores and they wouldn't send the dress because I didn't purchase it there. They are all worried about their commission being lost or not getting credit for any of it. So then they called their warehouse and they had 1 left that they could send. This whole time I was dealing with a manager named Laine who was very rude and kept makeing it sound like this was my fault. I just don't understand why when you are fitted for a dress and told what size to get that when it comes in wrong and doesn't fit suddenly they can't really help you out. Isn't this what they specialize in? The rest of the wedding party had lots of problems in MN too, and they all agreed that they wouldn't be going back to David's Bridal for anything. My brother is getting married next August and his girlfriend is not using David's Bridal due to so many bad things that she has been hearing lately. I don't feel that is worth spending hundred's of dollars on something that has no guarentee once it is ordered. I also looked to complain directly to David's Bridal and there is no numbers to call or any information at all.

  • Ch
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    First of all, when I walk into a specialty store, the world DOES revolve around me, Sharon. I paid over 1200 bucks for my dress, so I expect some service to go with it. And I do agree that it's ludicrous that one should pay for the bag.

    And for you, Stacy Denton, as you are apparently a David's Bridal employee, I have news for you. Your dressed ARE snagged and DO have makeup all over them. It's disgusting.

    And as far as people who work there being so precious and understanding and're wrong. There is a 90% turnover rate at our David's Bridal store here in Charleston, WV. Tell me how people can be informed if they only work there for 6 weeks.

    I didn't have such a bad experience with David's Bridal, but only because I found a consultant who had been there for 8 years. She's wonderful, her name is Darlene. She was very honest about her opinion of each dress without being pushy, and helped me accessorize my dress perfectly. But when she wasn't there...look out. It was a nightmare.

    And I might add, I went to pick up my friend's wedding dress for her, after it had been cleaned (at least that part is free I guess) and it's lucky that I looked in the bag before I left, because it was the WRONG dress in a size TWO. And my friend is a size SIXTEEN! The veil was also missing (they had to replace it) and some of the beads weren't put back on like she had told them they should be. It was a mess.

    So anyway, go to a small store unless you live in Charleston and you can work with Darlene.

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