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Canceled my Cingular plan long before they merged with AT&T, now these people call me and say I owe money. I knew it was a scam by looking up the number they left for me to call, and when you call back it automatically goes to some lady named Gracie's mailbox. I called back to argue over the "bill" and she was completely rude. I even explained to her I just lost my job, so she said she'll send me the bill and I can do whatever I like with it and hung up. Beware!


  •   Nov 30, 2009

    I got the same exact sort of call. David Taylor and Associates are lower than low. Buying this long-lost debt to basically ruin someone's credit score is absolutely despicable and I'm sure that karma will come back to get them and everyone that works for them.

    I had a very interesting call with Tara. Several actually. She was kind enough to get my last bill with Cingular, the last 2 bills with Cingular, and she mailed them to me. Well, they've already effected my credit report, so I have no plans whatsoever to pay this bad debt back. The bills in question were more than done and resolved years ago. Like almost 5 years ago now. And it took the fine handiwork of David Taylor and Associates, ### of the earth, to do the good job of wasting everyone's time involved ( including their own ). What an amazing industry. I wonder what the profit margin is. I wonder what it must be like to wake up and drive into that horrible, thankless job. Truly, hell on earth. I actually feel bad for Tara and the people that work for David Taylor. The associates I should say. I'm not so sure they're even human anymore to take on such a soleless position with such a truly horrid organization.

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      May 01, 2010

    I just got a letter from them and I don't plan on dealing with them. What I find truely amazing is that this debt is from OVER 20 years ago! My GOD it hasn't even been on my credit report for years and years. These must be some truely desparate people.

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  • R
      Oct 04, 2010

    I find it interesting that this supposed business doesn't have a working phone number. I have tried the numbers on the letters as well as going through Diectory Assistance and have received recording saying anything from "number not allowed" to the standard " this number has been disconnected"

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  •   Oct 04, 2010

    What a horrible, horrible company. I can't imagine the sort of hate mail they must get at David Taylor and Associates. Total vermin. I might or might not owe money from over a decade ago, who knows? But these people are truly hideous, mindless sucklings of the system, without even a shred of empathy or humanity for their fellow human compatriots. Zombie dregs of a faceless new breed of corporate [censor].

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      May 31, 2013

    They called my job and threatened to serve my boss with a process server. What the hell is wrong with these people? Mind u this charge was fraudulent and was removed 13yrs ago. Now I have treats and treats and nasty employees of that company calling me and threatening to take me to court for $250 . I am lost for words

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