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WOMEN Employees IN THE Men's LOCKER ROOM, see PICS. They have female employees who clean locker room, mainly one older women, and supervisor who is younger, shock when you come out of shower or from steam room. told think of the older women as grandma. Younger women in locker rooms says: you can have towel on or off, whatever you're comfortable with. When they call, they're warning, because they still come in. Grab towel if you want. URINALS: Good for watching or being watched, See Pics 3 entrances to men's locker rooms by female employees. And all doors accessible, Door near steam room always propped OPENED. See Pics. NOT Sophisticated nor Refined, No Privacy, No Respect. URINALS: Good for watching or being watched, See Pics Female employee standing there putting in towel, other times other men come up to use the urinal next to you. Peek A Boo. Tread Mill: 5:30AM and guy 3 treadmills down with 2 Cell Phones, Even with my headphones and gym music, No PEACE. he, and others on cell phones don't care, and what about the reviews saying how empty and quiet the gym is? It;s the NOT so REFINED clientele. Steam Room: Attracts guys who like to leave their towels OPEN for viewing...(and they're not attractive -fyi) Towels open for what??? They even bring in cell phones.and light up watches. They're not interested in the Steam. Privacy: Men, young men taking pictures of themselves in mirror at the sinks in locker room, for what? they're wearing only a towel. or they're standing around the lockers. Or a guy shows up just as you change pants, out of blue, quiet, but not empty gym. or you're changing and a full dialogue conversation goes on with a guy just sitting there on cell phone. Privacy: Big Fat NO Women Employee in Men's Locker Room: YES See Pics (I have MORE). Cell Phone conversation going on while on Treadmill or at lockers changing: Yes. And for all the complaints about collections: someone at the top should be thrown in jail. Please file formal complaints, especially with BBB and consult your attorney, or pay 150 and file small claims court. You never get your money back.

David Barton Gym
David Barton Gym
David Barton Gym
David Barton Gym
David Barton Gym

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  • Cr
      Dec 28, 2015

    the laundry room with female inside (i sent letter to corp saying I could hear women talking) here 1 female, same regular. Door open so she has access, view of men's steam, sauna, showers, so she can retrieve and stock towels while men are showering, and sitting in steam room.

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