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Disappointed, tired and still in search for a pup…
After 24 hours of driving almost 1600 miles to Kenockee Michigan and back, I returned home about midnight without a pup, without the $400.00 deposit and without the almost $300.00 in travel expenses for fuel and a motel room. About 11 weeks earlier, a lady answered an ad I was running in search of a silver sable pup. She sent me photos and a price schedule showing four different price options ranging between $800.00 and $2500.00 depending on what I wanted with the pup in regard to AKC registrations and health guarantees. I choose the cheaper price package with the option of upgrading once I seen the pups in person at pick up. This was noted on the PayPal deposit I sent her. When I arrived to pick out my pups, I asked her if the pups had any defects or problems of any kind and she said no. She went on to say that since other people were now willing to pay more for the pups that I wanted, she would not honor the agreement she made when I sent her the deposit and she wanted me to pay $700.00 per pup more than we had agreed or I would not get any pups. I was undecided as to what to do and then I remembered she had mentioned, a few weeks back, that a male pup had received a scratch on his eye and as I examined the male pup, I found about 2/3 of his left eye was white and he was blind in that eye. It appeared to be infected. The female pup turned out to be a mute unable to make a sound and I believe deaf as well. I knew she was small, only weighing half what the other pups weighed but I had not been informed of her other problems. The breeder was feeding her hamburger meat and nutri-cal to keep her alive. The breeder did not have the actual litter registrations in hand but offered to print something off from the AKC website. I noticed the Dam’s Name on the paperwork did not match the name I was given when I sent the deposit. Also, the breeder’s name did not match her FaceBook name. Neither of the pup’s parents was on site and I only seen 1 small adult female that looked to weigh about 50 pounds and she was supposedly the grandmother to the pups. The breeder offered to sell what she had been referring to as white German Shepherd pups but they were a cream color and their heads and ears looked more like Labs instead of German Shepherds. Later, while looking for other pups, I found 2 other people that had similar experiences with this same Michigan breeder. Anyway I’m still looking for a silver sable pup or two.

From: PayPal
Date: February 23, 2017 at 7:57:30 PM CST
United Kingdom Ranch accepted your payment
This is to confirm that United Kingdom Ranch accepted the $400.00 USD payment you sent on Feb 23, 2017.
Amount: $400.00 USD
Message in your payment email:
Memo: $400.00 NRDHF for 1F & 1M Silver Sable AKC GSD Pups / Ghost x Bear litter. Balance due: $1200.00 at pick up when pups are 12 weeks old.
The FaceBook name she uses is Tina Tee Vermeulen.
The name on her AKC Papers says Tina Hyslop.

It’s sad that some people are so consumed with greed that they are willing to do anything for a buck. Their word means absolutely nothing even when you have it in writing. They offer to sell you a pup at an agreed price, then take your deposit which showed the balance due at pick up, let you travel several hundred miles only to inform you on arrival that she has others now willing to pay more than she agreed to sell it to you and then almost doubles the price that she had previously agreed on when she took the deposit. On the surface, everything seemed to be legit, professional responses to questions, a nice FaceBook page (United Kingdom Ranch) with pictures and videos but if a person doesn’t stand behind their word, then it’s all just smoke and mirrors. Tina Tee Vermeulen or Tina Hyslop or whatever other names she may be using for her backyard ranch may have some satisfied customers but I am not one of them.

Jun 11, 2017
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  • Sn
      Jun 27, 2017

    I would use for a reputable sale. Ibelieve I noticed a sable GSD on the site. Search by breed and location. I too am looking doe a GSD and trying to research Reasonable prices, beautiful pub may be too goo to be true.
    Good luck to you.

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  •   Sep 17, 2017

    Greed is epidemic in the dog breeding business, I trust NONE of them. If I want a dog I'll go to the pound. Horrible specimens of so-called purebred animals at outrageous prices. Just too many suckers with too darn much money (or credit) out there. A lost cause.

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  • Uk
      Mar 28, 2018

    This complaint is false, and David Audry along with others have been busted by PayPal for fraud of bait and switch on funds they send to breeders. Seller beware. You can contact me for proofs that completely are showing everything above he says is a lie except sending the 400.00 non refundable deposit holding fee that he lost due to bait and switching pups and sales on our pups. He also was busted for stealing our online photos, to use on his facebook page trying to sell our pups and dogs as his own.

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  • Uk
      Mar 29, 2018

    This stud we welped, raised, and sold to another breeder, Dawn Malcolm in Michigan. He stole that photo from her website and is using it as his own to scam buyers.

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  • Uk
      Mar 29, 2018

    Here is another young panda male we own he using too on his facebook page called lakeside shepherds. PayPal caught him and his son scamming ppl using the PayPal transactions.

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