SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Will not let me enter site with password or email address or take my complaint.

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Tried to enter my site using my nickname and password, it will tell me that I have the wrong id or password, ..when I try to verify the password using my email address it tells me it does not recognize my email address.
There is no other way to file a complaint unless you log in, they have deviced a way to shut people out for what ever reason, ...very strange and unprofessional.

Erwin Ferns

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  •   Apr 30, 2009


    There is a man named real_234 goes by the name Isaac Wilsons. He is supposively from California, LA area; 51 and just had a birthday April 6th. His wife died years ago. Has a son named Dan. He is self employed and sell gold and diamonds

    He just went to Accra Ghana for the 1st time. While being over there for several weeks, he was suppose to come home April 27. But supposively his son Dan, fell off the balcony picking a Mango. He is in the hospital in a coma.. He needed $3, 500 for his surgery otherwise Dan will die. As of today, now he also needs back surgery.

    I wired some money to help... and after reading internet scams, they are mostly are from this town of Accra and other places in Africa.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL.. DONT' FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP. He is very romantic and sends poems.. When he calls you can not understand his accent. He said he was born in USA but raised in Italy.

    I am trying to get a hold of DATEHOOKUP.COM but it seems like it is impossible.

    I am putting pictures of what was sent to me of supposively what he looks like.


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  • Be
      Nov 01, 2012

    been trying to apply to this hook up site but it wont let me what do i do ?

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  • De
      Mar 31, 2013

    i have been a member of your site for the last two years but over the last week i cannot get into my account and i am not happy about this .so can you tell me why.

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  • Ec
      Jul 06, 2013

    can not log in using same info need help and want to change my email ecuamiryam to cablegirl69 because I don't remember password to ecuamiryam email

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  • Ye
      May 26, 2014

    I have been with datehookup for years and had to have work on my computer. Now when
    I try to log in it says incorrect email yet when I tried a new name it says email taken. It also
    say, s click here if you want to change password and they say they will email you so you can change your password yet no one sends an email. Now all I want to do is have my pictures deleated along with my profile yet I cant connect to datehookup. Biggest mistake
    of my life was to join something that had no phone number and no support unless you are a member but they wont let you in to say delete.

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  • Ne
      Jun 16, 2015

    plz help me too get ur attention I have been trying too log in u don't seam 2 need new menbers I gacve u all the information and ur team rejects my request ... help [protected]

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