[Resolved] Daniel Joseph MuellerBreach of Contract

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I would like to hire an attorney for a Breach of Contract against Solid Executive Partners, LLC and Daniel Mueller.

Some general details about the contract:

Contract was signed by both parties on Sept 28, 2014, with the following agreements.

I would be paid $xxx a month to repair client’s online reputation on Google.

There is no clause saying I wouldn’t be paid for non-performance.

If I got desired results (removed negative results from page 1) I would then be paid $xxxx a month.

If contract ran until the end date of October 1, 2016 I would get a $xxxx bonus.

There is no termination clause in the contract.

I also have emails from client stating he would start paying again (because he stopped) as he was happy with results back on December 15, 2014 and he denies it.

I also have proof he was getting results.

The contract was to remove him from page 1 as a registered sex offender and convicted child molester.

You can Google his name and see this is a fact.

He has also failed to pay me for additional work performed on an hourly basis for the month of December to the amount of $xxx and has made false promises of a more permanent position in the company.

I have emails and a signed contract to prove all of this.

  • Resolution statement

    This is a Fake Report. Please disregard this report. I did not personally file this report and have asked numerous times for it to be taken down. My account was hacked and used without authorization to post these statements. Daniel is a longtime friend, colleague and is a stand-up guy. I would like to apologize to any harm or damage this may have caused him. Once again, please disregard this bogus report.

Feb 11, 2015
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  • Am
      Jul 10, 2015

    This man came into my place of employment and threatened a fellow employee. This is a medical office and we out of the graces of our heart took him last minute even though we were closing. This "boy" needs to learn you can not treat people with disrespect.

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  • Ri
      Dec 19, 2016

    What about the poster and why did he post this?

    For informamation on the poster and why he psoted this check out the story here[protected]/

    I have known Daniel a long time and this is not the Daniel I know.

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