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Dairy Queen / ice cream not frozen

1 125 Stewart blvd, Brockville, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I have been going to dairy queen for years, ever since a kid, i just had my birthday and bought and ice cream cake from there and it was awesome no complaints there.

Well me and my mom went Saturday Sept 13, 2008 around 8:30 PM, they were of course busy since they had new people in there, i waited in line for 15 minutes to be served, i was using a birthday coupon for 1 160z blizzard and 1 160z blizzard free. i ordered:

1 Choc Cherry Love
1 Strawberry Cheesequake

Well i waited another 15 minutes for those blizzards, other people were getting there food before i was, well when i finally got my blizzards they didn't look right, they looked a little soft.

well i went on my way and in the course of 3 minutes driving home my blizzards went from semi soft consistency to a liquid milkshake, i ended up drinking my blizzard and so did my mom, this was by far the worst blizzard i have ever had.

I dunno what Dairy Queen does to train there employees but these people in there have had no formal training because the ice cream is super soft and horrible, i just don't think i will be back to dairy queen in a long time until they either train there employees, or clean up there act, like its a blizzard and that was a waste of money, i didn't have time to complain in the store cause there were 25 people behind me and they were waiting too. i think i should get coupons to replace the blizzards or something but yea.

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  • Ro
      29th of Sep, 2008

    After working at a DQ as a teenager, I have experienced the problem of real soft ice cream. The soft serve mix is stored in a walk in cooler and the hoses from the machines are connected to them there. The Ice cream does not get frozen until it runs through the machines.

    When a store gets busy (as you say this store was) the mix does not have enough time to freeze all of the way. It is not an issue of employee's needing training, but a problem with them being so popular.

    The choc-vanilla twist is the worst when it comes to this. Try dipping a Large cone in Choclate. I had one fall out and fall back into the dip. It splashed up and hit the ceiling.

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  • Fd
      28th of Oct, 2008

    just put it in the freezer for awhile?
    it'll be frozen. like you want it.

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  • Da
      6th of Sep, 2009

    Actually your completely wrong. I just started working at a Dairy Queen and Orange Julius. It takes 5 weeks of trainging for a normal cashier position. I'm training for Shift Lead. I have 7 weeks of training. Theres alot of information one has to take in for training. There for it takes along time to train someone on the basics.

    And it sucks that by the time you got home your blizzards with to soft and "runny" but that has nothing to do with someone operating the soft-serve machine. It probably just a common problem that they're expereincing with the machine. They need to store they're ice cream bags in a colder temp. Its not the people there, so get the ### over it

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