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Scam Job Postings

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Every job posted by this company that has been a good fit for my experience & background has never yielded a call or follow-up from the company.

The jobs must be scams because CyberCoders never, ever, ever calls you once you've submitted your resume.

Don't believe all the jobs they post on CareerBuilder & other job boards. They don't exist!
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A  10th of Aug, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree, I have been a Software Engineer for 13 years and these ### have been around for about the last 5 or so... in that time I have "applied" to a few of their positions for which I was a perfect fit and never heard back.
A  23rd of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I have dealt with Cybercoders many times, I can testify that this company is an absolute scam business that should be reported for abusive fraud to the US department of labor for embezzlement.

Cybercoder jobs don't exists, if they exist they overcharge their customers many times more and want the engineers to work at minimum wage if possible. So they would dry out all your energy and waste your efforts.

Which company is stupid enough to pay twice more than is required ? A normal engineering job is about $40/hour but with Cybercoders contracting, it becomes $90-$100/hour !

And which candidate is stupid enough to work for a company that under-estimate your qualifications, years of college and diploma ?

Even Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zukerberg would not be up to the demands in qualification or experience demanded by those those low ### ### from Cybercoders.

Plus they turn away the good candidates, because the best candidates don't want to work for peanuts in dead end careers.

My advice is turn away from Cybercoders and ignore their spam postings.
A  10th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I am a staff manager for a high tech company in California, I would never ever require the services of Cybercoders again, they overcharged us too much, all the so-called tech staff they sent us were mostly illegal immigrants from India without any real talents of skills, it was a real disappointment.

I was shocked by the candidates they sent us given that they require many years of experience and college degree in their posts, but when it comes to see the end results, the candidates they all sent us were giving poor performance, incapable of finishing any job.

We wasted a huge sum of money by requesting the services of Cybercoders.com.

I would strongly advise any other high tech company staffing manager to never request the services of Cybercoders as they are highly skilled scam artists.
A  6th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Cybercodes are scammers. They jobs do not really exist.
A  16th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Let's be honest... ALL technical recruiters are a$$holes. They just want their 10% commission and could care less if you actually FIT the job they are trying to place you in. Their job is to get as many job seekers in and out of their office as fast as possible. Once they learn you are a "difficult" candidate (meaning you won't take the FIRST job offer you get), they stop calling you. Cybercoders is just as bad as any other firm I've dealt with. I've had their recruiters send me to jobs that required Framework coding experience, which I've NEVER done. When I asked the recruiter about it, she said she figured I could "fake it" until I "make it" on the job. I've had other recruiters give me an incorrect street address and suite number for an interview, and when I showed up 15 minutes late because I was originally in the WRONG BUILDING, the recruiter blamed me. CyberCoders will call me and if I don't pick-up, they'll call me right back, sometimes three calls in a row. It sucks that so many companies use these blood-sucking greedy jerks, but recruiters are the only option sometimes.
A  23rd of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Amazing. And al this time I thought it was just me. I've been applying to CyberCoder listings for several years, specifically to jobs with requirements I match perfectly. I've even received direct emails from CyberCoder recruiters about jobs they thought I was perfect for. Not once NOT ONCE - did they EVER return my email or phone call. Personally, I believe they are just gathering resumes and data. I have nothing good to say about them and express my opinion of them whenever I get the chance. Companies like this should be shunned.
A  6th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too signed up for CyberCoders, they have never responded to any of my inquiries. I setup a spam box email address specifically for them and found that they are selling your details to companies for advertisement. I get tons of spam messages trying to sell me services to these accounts.
A  12th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
What I find they have long list of details to be submitted which is mostly taking lot of time. Then finally nothing comes out ...really stupid...
A  17th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Same thing is happening to me. I applied to many Cybercoders ads and not once I got an interview out of it even though the job is a perfect fit for me. Going to Careerbuilder most of the great sounding technical ads are Cybercoders. I dont even apply any more, just waste of time. Interestingly I get 90% of my job interviews from Craigslist. That is the best for job search. http://seoperson.net
N  31st of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I saw a job posting that fit my background and applied on the website. Of Course I never got a response from someone. I ended up calling corporate and giving them all the info on listing on their site to see who I could speak with about the position they were trying to fill.

Within a couple days of posting for this job it was taken down off of cybercoders.com. I ended up speaking to someone (recruiter ? ) and was told they were't filling position for the company anymore. This recruiter did tell me the company but, had zero interest in my resume or seeing if I was a good fit for anything else in cybercoders listing.

To make a long story short I have a close friend that works in HR at the company cybercoders said they were filling positions for. My friend specifically told me they have NEVER worked with cybercoders and the posting was complete B.S!!! I managed to get my resume into HR directly...
A  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
After reading all the complaints I have to agree. My experience cost me time and money and not even a follow up call. I was called by one of their recruiters about a controller position after several weeks went by she calls me and said that I have an interview. Great! A day later I drove about 25 miles for the interview, the interview lasted about and hour and a half. I truly thought I had the position since it was a great fit and the rule usually is any interview longer than an hour is a home run. After leaving the interview I had to pay $25 in parking for which I was not told about and had to find a ATM to get cash. OK! Then I called the recruiter and advied her about the interview and she advised me to write up a nice letter and send it to her so that she could send it to her client. So, I did, I usually would do so but she wanted me to send it to her first and after that I never her back from her regarding the position. I did call her using Google Voice and she answered but refused to discuss the position. Not even a F’n thank you for going out to the interview. Or I’m sorry for not telling you about the parking situation. If you come across an Erin Beagle @ Cybercoders please “Stay Away”. Very unprofessional needs to learn how to communicate clearly to her “inventory” yes that is what we our in their minds and I bet that even if she does read this she won’t care. And yes a lot of positions posted on many job boards are fake ads.
A  27th of Jul, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I have applied for several for several positions for which I have been highly qualified in terms of experience and education. My references are impeccable. Yet...I spend up to an hour for each application (I only apply for positions that would be considered a "sideways" move from my current job) only to be constantly sent automated e-mails claiming that I am "not what we [the company] is looking for". My time has been wasted, and I do not plan to continue applying through this agency. These people are clearly unscrupulous bottom-feeders during a desperate era in this country.
N  8th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've responded to listings at Cybercoders, Monster and The Ladder, and I can tell you that Cybercoders is no different than anyone else. The criteria is almost always the same: they are seeking professionals with college degrees (often unnecessary for the work), willing to work for less pay than anyone with that skill set would usually agree, and willing to travel far outside a reasonable commute area. While it's been several years since I've been job-searching (I'm quite comfortable at a job I landed through a colleague's recommendation –not from a job site), I still get their emails almost weekly. I was called several times and offered interviews with companies looking to hire me in the position I was seeking and in a pay range with which I was comfortable. The caveat was always the location for me which was a deal breaker. On several occasions, recruiters sent me into 100% commission interviews when I had specified I had no interest in them, but when I complained (loudly) I discovered that the company had probably been untruthful in their listing with the Cybercoders recruiters. The same thing happened at Monster. With any job site, you need to be as proactive as possible, and your level of difficulty becomes a factor (as a previous poster noted). If you turn down a number of recommended interviews, you automatically hit their DNC list, because they view you as wasting their time -especially since their pay is commission based. And in this economy they can afford to be choosy. TheLadders was actually the best of the bunch, but was very costly and it is a very crowded job market at the top (they specialize in jobs that pay $100K/year or more). I went on more interviews through them than anyone else (even Monster), and got a job offer within three months of searching (this was at the nadir of the entertainment business downturn in 2009), but it didn't materialize as the company's business plan changed –still, it was legit. The best prepared people in the job-search market have planned for long term unemployment by saving money to float them through a sluggish hiring period. People with families often don't have that luxury. I know that I was afraid to take jobs that were beneath my previous pay and experience level because I didn't want them to screw up my unemployment benefits, but the longer you're out of the market, the less value you maintain to future employers, creditors and recruiters.

Basically, I think you get out of any job placement service what you put into it, and you have to be enthusiastic, qualified and flexible. Understand that there are a lot of managers seeking base positions these days because 10% of the country is out of work. Be clear about what's acceptable and what isn't but don't have a long list of no-can-dos. If you've been out of work for a long time you should be amenable to changing fields. It's not the job recruiter's fault that you spent ten years in a job that's been farmed out, eliminated or scaled back. It's not the recruiter's fault that you spent a fortune on a college degree that isn't worth very much, either. On the other hand, that college degree makes you 20% more employable across the board -even if you apply for a job in a completely different industry than that which your degree would best service.

I had to switch industries and at first was worried about the pay decrease, but within a year I was back up to my peak pay. I'm now in a position to be hiring (and firing), and I understand what was a mystery to me not long ago: that I'm getting resumes from people who are over-qualified to the nth degree for a position that pays $10/hour. Why? Because staying busy is better than atrophy. You develop bad habits when you're out of work for too long. I've got three interns who work for free because they want to stay busy until a job opens up for them. That's the market we're living in. I know that I don't want to hear, " I 'll do this but not that, " and I'm sure the recruiters don't want to hear it either.

There are a lot of scam postings across the board, but mostly that's because the companies are being dishonest with the recruiting firms. When I complained about two such listings with Cybercoders, they were removed within days. This was several years ago, but I've been helping my girlfriend build her resume lately and so I've been back on the listings. My advice is to register with as many free job sites as possible until you find something you can live with, then listen to your colleagues about what's opening up elsewhere. If you have specialized training, you will be valuable as long as you are currently employed. A lateral pass is far easier than a hail mary.
N  1st of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've had mixed results with CyberCoders. Generally they send out emails that aren't at all a good fit, so they obviously use a lot of automation that isn't very accurate. I tend to ignore most of them.

I applied to a Product Mgr job in Colorado through their site today after seeing a posting on Dice, and already received a call the same day from the recruiter who posted the job that they are going to submit me for the job. The recruiter sounded pretty knowledgeable about the client ogranization.

So I guess it depends. We'll see what happens.
A  11th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have spoken with a very friendly Cybercoder rep who got back to me to tell me that the company was looking for somebody for a better fit. I was more than qualified for the job but it seems that being in my 50s and being unemployed for over a year is probably why I was blown off. It's a small world, and in my field, everyone seems to know one another so maybe these "tech recruiters" should wise up and realize that they're not needed. Also these employers should respect experience and stop age discriminating.
N  29th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Have you happened to notice that if you apply for a cybercoders job that you get spam emails for tech stuff and that you also get hit up by other recruiters? That is because they resell your information. It is in their business model. I am not going to outline the details of how I know this, but be forewarned that if you submit your information to CyberCoders that your info is being resold over and over again. I filed a complaint with Dice and Monster to get them banned but I think they need more people like everyone here to send them your complaints so they can get kicked off of job boards. They saturate the market and make it impossible to find real jobs in all the muck they create in job sites. I spend half my time looking around their spammed job postings to find a real contract. Band together people, don't just post a rant here, go out and tell Monster, Dice, or any job board for that matter, what is really going on!!!
N  6th of Sep, 2012 by    -1 Votes
hay its and scam cybercoder is fake i to agree plzz dont apply to this dice corp need to take action at this company or scam we all need to sue them iam going to file a case against cybercoder need you all guys help .will update you for tha action
A  20th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
How to deal with cybercoders once they contact you for a job. If the description is a good match, the best approach is do a search for the company and apply direct if possible. Cybercoders commission is complete BS and puts the candidate out of reach of most companies. I went on several interviews by going around cybercoders recruiters. The jobs exist, they just job-block you at CC.
A  1st of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Cyber Coders is just gathering data to sell. I once applied to a tech job listing which seemed to be a side step from my current position. On the job posting there was no mention of a company name. They emailed me back the next day and the recruiter wanted me to send more info. Sent it and waited a week with no response. I called the recruiter to see what was up. She wouldn't give me much info but she did name the company that I was supposedly applying for. GUESS WHAT?! She named the company I ALREADY work for, which I know for a fact ISN'T HIRING and has NEVER done business with Cyber Coders. She tried to scam me with a fake job posting of my OWN JOB. When I pointed this out to her she hung up on me. The fake job posting was removed within the hour, probably to avoid legal action. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. They will lie straight to your face.
N  11th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I haven't gone through all the complaints above, but i will put in my 2 cents worth. All the jobs I have applied for were a good fit for me, but the ball never rolled forward, every time I applied for a job, sometimes they would simply say, im not a good fit or they would never follow up. yet they send emails everyday jobs that match your skillset. quite annoying actually.

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