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CyberBrands.com / Account charged without sending a product

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Larry, owner of www.cyberbrands.com (Cyberbrands, International) in Torrance, CA. is evidently the business owner, customer service department and everything, which is fine, but he charged my account without sending the product.

When I spoke to him on the phone the first time, he said he'd check with the warehouse and get the UPS tracking # and e-mail it to me. He did not. The second time I called, and got him again, he said he'd check my order "with the warehouse". I asked him to please just cancel it and debit my account and he said he would and that he'd send me an e-mail confirming my order was canceled. He did not.

I called him today to inquire about why my order still showed up on the website and why I did not get a cancelation e-mail. He said that when I got my bank statement, I'd see that it was canceled. I questioned not getting the e-mail he promised and he said what more do I need, if my bank statement shows it's canceled, then it's canceled. I don't see it canceled on-line, I said, and won't get my bank statement till the end of the month. Are you the entire company, I asked? He said yes, and "I'm in my bedroom and naked" right now! At which point, I hung up.

VERY BAD THING TO SAY to a potential customer. VERY RUDE, he should be arrested.

Thank you.

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D  11th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I Think this lady has must have an attitude problem. I had nothing by good service from Cyberbrands.com . They are very courteous. I don't believe this. Anybody came say what they want with out proof.

Cyberbrands is the best company I dealt with.
A  26th of Jan, 2016 by 
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Totally agree with original poster. Ive been waiting 22 days for my package. I can't get anyone to answer when I call.

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