CVS / intentional lying by pharmacist

Ap Stratford, CT Review updated:

The pharmacist at store #2572 took my prescriptions, and asked if I was waiting. I said yes, and was told it would be about an hour (it was 5:30 pm currently). I sat down in the chairs provided for waiting, and next thing I know, the techs are closing the gating that blocks off the pharmacy counter from the rest of the store (it is now 6 pm). When I got up and asked as to the status of my prescription, they said "sorry, but the pharmacy closes at 6 today" and that it was now too late for them to give me the prescription. The store manager called another, 24-hour, store for me, but since the original store had ALREADY FILLED the prescription, they couldn't help me. This is ridiculous. I was sitting less than 10 feet from the counter for the entire time; on top of that, the staff gave patently false information to me when I dropped off the prescription.

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