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CVS - Pharmacy / several incidents

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WOW! I was stunned to see other customer complaints have happened to me as well. I have been going to this CVS since we bought a home in the area. I had previously used a different CVS before we bought our home and had no problems.
As another customer said, I had a pharmacist tell me I couldn't get my prescription filled 2 days ahead of time, which by the way I do ALL the time. He was extremely rude and told me I will not get it until 30 days after the last refill and not before!
I was also given someone else's prescription. I looked it up on the web and it was an anti-seizure medication. I called to tell him and he asked me to bring it back as soon as possible. It was after midnight. It is annoying to have to use my time and gas for someone else's mistake.
About 4 days ago I was out and about, so I stopped by the CVS to see if 2 of my prescriptions were ready, she told me that the refills required authorization. Then she said she would call my doctor for a new prescription. I told her not to call as I has an appointment with that doctor the next day. I took my new prescription, they said it would be ready in an hour. I came back,
he gave me 60 pills. My doctor prescribed 180 pills. I told him, he looked on their computer and said the new prescription was for 60. I told him I don't know where that prescription came from but I brought in one that was for 180. He looked at the actual script,
canceled the one he filled, and filled the one my doctor gave me.
I realized what happened and told him, the girl I told not to call my doctor did so anyway. He told me, if I asked her not to she should not have done it. I totally agreed.
The last mistake they made with me was shorting one of my scripts by 8 pills. I called to tell them, he told me to come back and he'd replace them. I went, he gave me the 8 pills, then said this happens sometimes, the pill dispensers don't always give the correct amount. Boy that makes me feel so secure. And again my time and gas for their mistake.
How in the world does one pharmacy company in so many different states make so many mistakes, some possible life threatening. And the one CVS that I go to, has made so many mistakes with me, I can only imagine how many they make with others.
The main thing I have to say to managers who hire these people is please keep an eye on the pharmacy employee's and the reported mistakes. If there are reported problems, please realize they are making more that are not being reported. And someday if this keeps up, their MISTAKES unfortunately are going to take a life. This is a serious job, please start hiring better Pharmacist.
A concerned and fed up, soon to
ex customer

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      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I have not had the incidence of mistaken Rx fills but I just went to CVS today because my normal pharmacy was out of the medication in which I needed. They filed my insurance card and told me my Rx was going to be 150 dollars. I knew this was a mistake right off as my insurance company pays up to a certain dollar amount, not a co-pay, until I have reached the limit for that year. I was never charged at Walmart as they understood my insurance policy on Rx medications. Then the lady working at the register walked up to me and handed me someone elses insurance card and told me that my card had expired last month. I had my insurance card in my wallet. I told her thanks but im not ***** ***** so would you please check again. Finally one of the pharamsists says aloud "Sorry were just trying to get rid of all these insurance cards back here." That made me sick to my stomach knowing that the staff at this place is that incredibly ignorant. Yes I totally agree with the previous comment about how these people could kill someone very easily by not paying attention. I finally got it sorted out and the girl at the register had the audacity to ask me if I would like to go somewhere else and get it filled. I said I would love to but considering youre the only store in the area that has this medication I cannot, but be certain CVS pharmacies everywhere have lost a customer and a family for life, and will surley insist on friends going to another pharmacy. I can see why it was easy to find this medication as im sure others have had the same problems with such a rude staff. I will be reporting them to their corporate office. The lady handed my Rx to me and did not let go as I walked away and with a very condescending smile said thank you. Mistake for her is her register number, cashier number, time/date, and store number are on the reciept. I feel sorry for anyone else who has been affected by the extremely poor quality of care at CVS pharmacy of Hendersonville, NC.

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      10th of Apr, 2009
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    Time and Time again the customer believes the Pharmacist make up your presciption prices. Your Insurance makes up Your Prices, Not the Pharmacist. If you dont know how your insurance works CALL the Insurace!!

  • Fi
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    You're all stupid (except stealthrx above). Seriously, you haven't the slightest idea of how insurance companies, doctors offices, drug companies, lobbying, SEVERE government budget problems, or economic principles get taken into major consideration into how you receive medication. I've worked at CVS/Pharmacy for a few years and it has made me lament the lack of intelligence of humanity in general. I'm a worse of person for having dealt with the public in this setting and the comments above are perfect examples. If anyone is to complain I strongly suggest reading a [censored] book or credible news paper (rare) every now and then. Jesus Christ, do any of you know how [censored] up this world is???

    Just so you know every time you call corporate and make your little complaints, they can't do s#$%. Know why? We are controlled by law and the customer is ALWAYS WRONG!!! ALWAYS!!!

  • Ex
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    While I understand all of your frustrations, please don't SOLELY blame the pharmacist. He/she should share the responsibility for what occurs on their watch, but please understand that the ultimate responsibility lies with CVS the corporate behemoth. And let me tell you as an ex-CVS pharmacist who gladly voluntarily walked out the door, these corporate sleezebags couldn't care less about you, the customer. CVS and Walgreens have the same philosophy: push as many prescriptions through the assembly line and out the door as humanly possible with as little personnel as possible. We don't pay you to counsel patients, we don't pay you to eat, go to the bathroom, or smile. And safety and customer service be damned. Volume is the answer to everything. If they make a mistake, oh well, just the cost of doing business at breakneck speed. And if we could figure out a legal way to totally eliminate the human pharmacist and his salary from the equation, we'd do that too! Pharmacy, like anything else, is a business. But human lives are at stake in this business if certain standards and precautions are not observed. There has to be a humane aspect where your health and welfare is concerned. It's not just about the bottom line and shareholder profits. An airline pilot or a truck driver is not allowed to work but so many hours a day by law, but a CVS pharmacist can work a 14 hour shift without a break. It isn't illegal and it isn't against company policy. Does that make you feel safe? There's a reason that many pharmacists call CVS "C ome V isit S atan." They are the poster child of what happens when shareholder values are put ahead of human welfare in healthcare.

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