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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / store manager

1 28 N. Brookwood Avenue, Hamilton OH 45013, United States

I just visited the local CVS at the address referenced above and was shocked at the icy treatment I received at the checkout counter. To my dismay, I believe the woman who waited on me is the new store manager there.

Several items to report:

1. I approached Angela (name found on receipt) at the front counter to ask if I could use a 40% off one item coupon and a 15% off one item coupon. My intention was to buy two items, using a coupon for each. She immediately replied, "Not on the same item, " which I already knew.

2. Shortly thereafter, I approached the register with the two items I wished to purchase -- Cerave foaming cleanser and Brach's cinnamon Valentine heart candy. I stated that I wanted to use the 40% coupon on the cleanser and the 15% coupon on the candy. She advised me that the 15% coupon could not be used on the candy because it was on sale. I told her that I saw no sign on the candy, to which she had no reply, just a cold stare. I took the candy back and verified that no sign was there. When I returned to the counter and said that I would simply purchase the cleanser, I stated that perhaps a sign should be placed at the site of the candy. Again, no reply and no apology for my inconvenience. Instead, she said, "I'll need to scan your CVS card again to ring up the sale."


Trust me, your new store manager needs to be counseled soon, because people who shop in this store are accustomed to extra friendly and helpful store personnel, not those who appear to be inconvenienced by simple requests. Less than a mile away from CVS sit Kroger, Meijer and Walmart -- places where many of the products in the CVS store can be purchased. CVS prices on name brand items are typically higher than those of their neighbors on Main Street in Hamilton, but I shop at CVS with the in-store coupons because the store is close to my home and the personnel, up until now, have been exemplary.

Thank you for your time.


Paula Scharf

Feb 4, 2019

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