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A reload card was brought to the counter for $260.00 to be added to the card. The card was bought and once my husban got in the car I attempted to reload my card and realized that there was only 160 on the card. My husband then went in side and told the cashier, he check around the draw and the manager took the draw in the back to count it, WIthout The Cashier. She then came back and said the draw was fine. I spoke with there complaint customer service dept. and they had the head manager for that area investigate. He was very, very rude and basicly told me the tape was look at as far as the cashier and he didn't do anything suspcious, but they were not able to see the manager and verify to me that she did or did not take the 100.00. So in otherwise I am out of 100.00. I went to the atm before going to the store and it gave me 13 $20, I had them all together and folded in half. Where could it have gone. I've worked in businesses like this before and we've count the draw down right at the register or if it was in the back the cashier was with us, but never by ourself. The title manager does not delete you from stealing money. Ive seen managers arrested for stealing. So basicly they don't know if she did or did not take it and unfortunitly I have to suffer.

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